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OMG You're such a Queen!

And this will be Such a meeting!

This week we will be having our regular weekly meeting on Wednesday, From 7pm - 9pm in the Minnesota room of the IMU. This week's topic is brilliantly named "OMG! You're such a queen! - Effeminate men in gay culture." Just from the title you can tell this is going to be an interesting discussion lead by our one and only Coco. This week we will also have schedules to distribute for the remainder of the semester's topics.

On the note of future topics - Next week is our first member-lead meeting and we have not received any proposals from our members on what they would like to present. If you are interested in presenting to the group on a topic, please contact the exec board (preferably by e-mailing glbtau@uiowa.edu) and give us your idea! We really want our members to showcase their knowledge to other members!

Queer & Bake!

Hope you have all had a great break, and we are looking forward to seeing you back on campus! We are going to jump right back into meetings this semester, and to get everyone back in the mood for classes, we are going to bake cookies!!!!! This week we will be meeting at 7pm on Wednesday the 18th at the LGBTRC to bake and frost lots of cookies! Our Very own JP will be making lots of cookies from scratch, and we are gonna need some help eating them!!

Other important items: we will be finalizing our MBLGTACC plans over the next week, if you originally signed up to attend the conference and no longer wish to go, please contact any member of the board and let us know you won't be able to go.

T-SHIRTS: We are giving everyone until the meeting on Wednesday to order their T-shirt at the $10 price. After Wednesday the price will rise to $12 a shirt, so make sure you order yours today!!! The T-shirt order form may be found HERE

Member Led Meetings: We will be allowing our members to make presentations this semester on two of our meeting dates. The first of these meetings will be WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 1ST. The meeting will be held at the LGBTRC, and we would like for people to start submitting their proposals for meetings now! This would be a great opportunity for anyone that is presenting at MBLGTACC to do a dry run of their presentations, and even if you're not presenting at MBLGTACC, this is a great way to share your own knowledge with the group!

Spring Semester Schedule!

Spring Semester Schedule

T-shirts, T-shirts, T-shirts!!

We are now accepting orders for the GLBTAU 2011 - 2012 T-shirts. Please use the order form located on the left hand navigation or Click Here!!

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