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Outside Announcements

Gay/Bisexual Men Needed: Minority Stress & Sexuality Survey


Gay and Bisexual Men Needed as Volunteers for Minority Stress and Sexuality Survey If you are a gay or bisexual man, and 18 or older, please participate in a national and anonymous on-line survey study on minority stress and gay/bisexual sexuality. The study is being conducted by Dr. Darrell Greene and Dr. Paula Britton, through John Carroll University and the JCU Education and Allied Studies Department. The study will take about 20 minutes to complete. Benefit to you as a participant involves contributing to our understanding of how gay and bisexual men’s sexuality is impacted by minority stress, and your knowledge of helping counselors to better help gay and bisexual men. Complete the survey, and be eligible to win from $10 to up to $50 in gift cards. If interested, please go to the following surveylink: MinorityStressandSexualitySurvey

Call for Transgender Opinions for Research


My name is Leah Wafful, I am currently at graduate student at the University of Northern Iowa. I am researching transgender development theory for one of my classes. I am presenting on this in November. I am trying to contact someone in your student organization that would be open to an interview for my research. This would most likely be by phone and take less than 30 mins.

Basically I would want to find out the lifestyle of the student(s), how they came to be transgendered, what it's like to be in college and be transgendered, how have they developed since, the impact it has made on their life, family friends? I would ask them a few questions pertaining the to the theory and if they believe the statements are accurate.

If interested, please contact Leah Wafful at

LGBT Internship Opportunities in London, Paris, Sydney, Dublin and USA


Dear LGBT Colleagues and Student Leaders,

The Global Experiences LGBT Internship Program offers an unparalleled opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a career area that also has considerable resonance and personal meaning to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered students around the globe. For ally friends or those pursuing careers in social work, human rights or progressive public policies, an internship with an LBGT organization can also be a rewarding, life altering experience.

Global Experiences offers LGBT international internships in Dublin, London, Paris and Sydney every season of the year. We also offer domestic Summer internship opportunities in New York City and Washington, D.C. While these internships are a natural fit for those with graduate school interest in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies, they can also be a transformative experience for those LGBT students with more general interest in communications & marketing, website design/hosting, public relations, radio/TV, event planning, non-profit management or political campaign organization. This hyperlink shows our LGBT webpage with more information and features an embedded video: 

¡S(h)omos Latinos!


The men of Sigma Lambda Beta International Fraternity, Inc. - Alpha Chapter would like to present an upcoming event about gay Hispanics and the issues that this sub-culture faces in a culture where religion and machismo are social norms.

We will feature the documentary 'Latino Beginnings' and take an in-depth look into the lives of gay Hispanics and their struggle with their faith and machismo. The discussion of the film will be led by UI Department of Sociology Graduate Assistant, stef shuster.

This event is Advantage Iowa Approved & Fraternity/Sorority Life Educational Credit Approved!

S(h)omos Latinos

World AIDS Day Project


Dear Friends / Colleagues / and Supporters -

As you all know, WORLD AIDS DAY is coming up December 1st & 2011 marks the 30th year that the United States has been combating this epidemic. As a community we have been through highs and lows over the past three decades; we have suffered through periods of great loss - and celebrated our successes as we have made great gains with prevention, testing, and treatment.

Unfortunately, even within our own communities, we now face the challenge of re-igniting the conversation around HIV/AIDS. If we can't keep talking about it and if we don't keep encouraging our friends to take care of themselves, get tested regularly, and know their status - than we can never hope to win this fight.

I have faith though, and I'm hoping that you (and your networks) can help me with a project that I'm working on for this WORLD AIDS DAY - 2011:

If you could just take ONE MINUTE of your time and sit in front of your webcam and record an answer to the following question:


and then email the file to - you will be lending your voice to a video of both reflection and encouragement.

Please consider taking part in this project - and forward this information to your friends as well. Together, with unified efforts and voices, we CAN make a difference.

Thanks, in advance, for your help!
Health Educator
Johnson County Public Health
855 S. Dubuque Street, Suite 217
Iowa City IA 52240

Walk It Out Auditions


Walk It Out is holding its third annual fashion show on April 7th. The show unites more than 15 cultural organizations in a single multicultural fashion show. It was a tremendous success last year with more than 900 people in attendance.

We would like to invite members of your organization to participate in auditions on Sunday, Oct. 30th in the Currier MPR from 11:00am-4pm and Thursday Nov. 3rd in the Currier Green Room from 5:00pm-10pm. We are looking for choreographers, models, and emcees (hosts) auditions; as well as make-up artists, and designers. NO FASHION EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. This is an opportunity for your organization to be represented at this annual fashion show.

Should your members participate, we would also like to give you the opportunity to advertise your upcoming events on a quarter sheet flyer that we will insert in a gift bag and distribute to at least 900 people at the main event on April 7th. We're asking that you please forward our message to your members and encourage their involvement. We hope to see you all at auditions.

We greatly appreciate your time and help.
For more information or questions please email us at
Evan Ivory
Walk It Out Event Coordinator

WRAC Spagetti Dinner


The Women's Resource and Action Center is holding their annual Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on Thursday, November 10th at Old Brick. The event runs from 5:00-7:30pm and you can stop in at any time. The meal will include vegetarian spaghetti from Zio Johno's, fresh baked bread, salad, dessert and a beverage. The event is always a lot of fun with live music, door prizes and a silent auction. Plus, it's a great way to support an amazing organization!!

Tickets cost $15 per person or 2 for $25. Please contact Megan Schwalm-Bell to purchase your tickets. or **Phone number removed for web confidentiality**

NOTE: If you don't want to go, you can sponsor a ticket for someone from the Iowa City Domestic Violance Shelter.

Research for LGBTQ Adolescents


With the permission of The University of Montana Institutional Review Board, I am conducting a study on protective factors for sexual minority individuals. Specifically, my project examines whether or not the way people explain negative events that happen to them protects them from developing depressive symptoms. I am specifically interested in understanding how this may happen amongst 18-22 year olds who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. Additionally, it includes those who engage in sexual behaviors with, or have attractions to, members of the same sex.

The survey takes approximately 20-30 minutes to complete. As a token of my appreciation for your time, you will have the option of entering a drawing for one of four $25 iTunes gift cards at the completion of the study. I appreciate your time and effort dedicated to this research. You are under no pressure to participate and if you decide to do the survey, you may stop at any time. Your information will be handled anonymously and all responses will be analyzed without identifying data.

If you would like to speak with my advisor or myself about this study, please contact us at the information below. Please feel free to forward this e-mail announcement to eligible friends/student colleagues, or post the link on any social networking site you may use.

If you would like to participate, please click on the following link to learn more about the survey.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Lauri M. Lindquist
Graduate Student, School Psychology
The University of Montana
Phone: (406) 241-3221

Greg R. Machek, Ph.D.
Graduate Advisor, School Psychology
The University of Montana

** Call for Trans-Identified (and friends/family/lovers/partners of trans* folk) Interviewees in the Chicago Area **


I am a trans-identified graduate student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Iowa in Iowa City. As I embark on my dissertation research, I find that the Chicago metropolitan area holds a lot of promise for meeting a wide range of trans-identified folk who come from many many backgrounds.

I am interested in how trans folk understand our identities, the communities we have built, and relationships to others. I am also interested in listening to your stories and experiences with medical & mental health providers. More specifically, my research involves in-depth interviews. I will be in the Chicago area during the month of October and would love to schedule an interview if you fall into these broad categories (trans-identified or family/friends/partners/lovers of trans folk). Interviews are expected to take between one and two hours.

The best way to contact me, initially, is via email:
Alternately, you may reach me on my cell: **Removed for Confidentiality on Web**

Feel free to pass this information along to other folks you know who might be interested in sitting down with me for an interview. All information you share with me is confidential. This research has been approved by the University of Iowa Institutional Review Board under application #201106701

Thank you, thank you, thank you and a thousand more for any help you can offer for this project.
- stef shuster

Queer Coffee


Dear friends,
Do you know a musician, comic, slam poet etc. who identifies with the word ‘queer’ in some way? I am looking for queer identified folks to perform at the first ‘queer coffee’ event at Wild Bill’s Coffeeshop.I am hoping for a multi-generational event, no smoking, no alcohol, just fun.

Queer Coffee

Research Request


Dear Student,

By participating in our current online research study that looks at the relationship between gay community involvement and well-being, you could be one of six people to win a $25 gift certificate to while also providing valuable information.

Study participation is anticipated to take between 10-20 minutes using our online survey. Your responses will be entirely anonymous and you have the option to exit the survey at any time.

In order to participate, you must identify as a gay or bisexual male who is over the age of 18. The project has been approved by the University of Missouri- Kansas City Social Sciences Institutional Review Board (Protocol SS11-136X) and will be completed by August 2012.

Six $25 gift certifications to will be randomly awarded to participants. Your chances of winning depend upon the number of people who enter our study drawing.

Please click here to complete the survey, and to access an information script outlining the project. You can also access the survey by typing the following address into your internet browser:

Finally, please consider forwarding this message on to friends who could help us make this project a success. Thank you very much for your interest and participation in this research. Please do not hesitate responding to with questions.

Christopher M. Davids
Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student
Division of Educational and Counseling Psychology
University of Missouri- Kansas City

Dr. Johanna Nilsson (Faculty Supervisor)
University of Missouri- Kansas City
243 Ed 225
Kansas City, MO 64110
Ph: (816) 235-2484

MTV Casting calls


Are you an LGBT youth who feels like no one understands you? Share your story with MTV!

MTV Networks is casting LGBT youth for a new special. We’re looking for LGBT teens and young adults who appear to be 15-25 years old and live in the USA. You should be open to sharing your stories and struggles on-camera. If interested, please email us at Please include your name, location, phone number & photo… and tell us about yourself and your current circumstances. [For example, tell us your coming-out story… or why you haven’t come out yet. Who are the main people in your life, and how do they feel about your sexual identity? Why do you feel alone? Do you ever feel down? What’s a typical day like for you? Is there anything that you are afraid to do (but wish you had the guts to do) in the next three months?] The more information about yourself and your life that you can tell us via email, the better we get to know you! Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to hearing your story.

Please email or call me with any questions. Thanks in advance for your assistance… and keep up the great work that you do!

Carly Stipek Casting Associate,
MTV Networks