T-Shirt Order Form

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Please fill out the form below to order your GLBTAU T-shirt. Filling out this form means that you intend to purchase a t-shirt, and once submitted, you will not be allowed to back out. The price of T-shirts are currently set at $12.00, and once ordered are locked in. Prices may varry at the discretion of the Executive Board between orders, but will be reflected on this page.

At this time, we can only provide T-shirts available for pickup during meetings or GLBTAU Office hours. However, after initial purchases, we may make T-shirts available for delivery for an extra fee.

If you wish to order more than one T-shirt, please submit this form once for each order

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Size X-Small

Pressing Submit will secure your order, after pressing submit, you are required to provide payment at time of delivery for the t-shirt you have ordered. Please click submit only once. You should be taken to a confirmation page. Press Reset to clear the form.

If there are any problems with this form, please contact Turk Pierson directly at turk-pierson@uiowa.edu