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 We just want to remind everyone that this week in lieu of a regular meeting, we will be having a PAR-TAY at the resource center on Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm. This is a good time to relax and hang out with your friends one more time before the semester ends and everyone leaves for a month. Everyone is welcome to bring treats to share!

Climate Meeting, Elections, and a RAVE

 We are going to be meeting at our regular time and place (Minnesota room of the IMU, 7pm-9pm) this Wednesday for some pretty important things.

First, Elections. The first thing that we will be doing is holding our election to replace Alex. The current nominees for the position are: Trevor Leeper, Sara Puffer, Veronica Emerson, JP Horn and Dale Mallory. We will hold another round of nominations at the start of the meeting, anyone who has attended at least one meeting is eligible for election (and yes, you may nominate yourself). After nominations, the nominees will be allowed to give a short speech, and then there will be a chance for YOU the members to ask questions to the nominees. After that, the actual vote will take place, and anyone who has signed at least one attendance sheet this semester is eligible to vote.

Second, This week's topic is all about GLBTAU as a group. The executive board has worked hard to try and accommodate the needs of our members, and incorporate your ideas into our programming. But now we need to know if we've done a good job at this! This meeting will give you the opportunity to speak up about things the board is doing correctly, incorrectly, or otherwise. We will have a survey so that we can quantify some of the results, but the majority of the ideas come from members speaking out about what they want to see. This meeting is your chance to have a real impact on how next semester looks.

Finally, We want to remind you of the upcoming AIDS Awareness Day activities. Wednesday night after the meeting, we will be meeting up on the Pentacrest to create a giant red ribbon for AIDS Awareness. On Thursday we will have the Condom Casino going in the IMU which is sure to be lots of fun! And on Friday we will have our "Know. Live. Dance." AIDS Awareness RAVE in the Currier MPR.

Homo for the Holidays

We hope everyone is getting along through this last long week before break, and we would like to extend the invitation for you all to come out this week to Homo For the Holidays! This is an absolute favorite meeting every year, so you should all come for a visit! We will be meeting at the LGBTRC this Wednesday from 7pm - 9pm and discussing with our favorite Paula Keeton how all of us will be dealing with going home for the holidays, dealing with extended families, and generally anything you want to talk about.

Pray for the Gays -

A Religious Discussion

As usual, we will be meeting in the Minnesota room of the IMU from 7-9pm on Wednesday! This week we will be discussing religion in the GLBT community. We have invited several guests from various religious organizations within the Iowa City community to talk about how their organization is GLBT friendly, and then we will have an open discussion about religion in the GLBT community.

We also wanted to inform those of you that the events for TransWeek that were to be held at the LGBTRC have been moved to the WRAC.

Movie Night!

This week we will be Meeting at the LGBTRC from 7pm-9pm Wednesday for a movie night! We will be watching Latter Days (IMDb Link). We will have some leftover candy around, and if we can figure out how to pop some raw popcorn, we will have that... but if not, you can always bring your own!!


That's right; it is THIS SATURDAY from 10PM - 1AM!!! We have set up the limos (cambuses) to pick everyone up at the IMU starting at 9:30pm, stopping at Reinow for those on the west side, and then arrive at the UI Athletic Club, where our celebrities will be waiting for you to arrive! Drag Ball does not imply that you must come in drag, however it is a costume party, and there will be a drag show (If you wanted to perform in the show, and have not yet talked to Coco, be sure to do so IMMEDIATELY). There will also be a costume contest shortly after the show; the three best costumes will be awarded prizes! Limos will continue to run throughout the evening, and the final limo will depart from the Athletic club at 12:45am.

Sex Positives - Open Discussion

This week we will be meeting at the regular place (Minnesota room) on the regular day (Wednesday), and the regular time, 7pm-9pm. We will be rather OPENLY talking about SEX. Anything and everything you wanted to (and sometimes didn't want to) know. Be aware that this discussion may make some people uncomfortable, but if everyone comes in with an open mind, it is always a very interesting and informative discussion.

Bring an Ally Night!

This week we will be discussing Allies and how they help the GLBT community. As always, allies are welcome at our events, however this week we are asking our members to reach out to the allies you know and bring them along to the meeting. It has always been a reassuring and positive experience to see the whole community get together!

We hope to see you and your allies on Wednesday!
-The GLBTAU Executive Board

Trans* Discussion and National Coming Out Day

This week’s meeting will be a discussion on Trans* related issues. We hope to inform a lot of people about a subject that sometimes is not so familiar within the GLBT community, we hope that we can create an environment to learn about these issues, and eliminate some of the misconceptions surrounding the trans* community. We will have our Meeting at the regular time (7pm - 9pm) on the Regular day (Wednesday) in the Minnesota room of the IMU (the regular place).

We also wanted to invite and remind everyone of tomorrow's National Coming Out Day activities. First, the GLBTAU will be on the Pentacrest between 11AM and 3PM with our very own closet for people to 'Come Out' of. We are encouraging people to come out not only as GLBT, but we also encourage our Allies to come out as supporters, and all other sexual and gender identities to come out themselves. We will have a station for you to write your own coming out stories, and we generally just need supporters to be around the closet all day.

Later in the day, 5pm - 7pm, The LGBT Resource Center will be hosting 'Coming Out Stories' where there will be refreshments and a chance to talk about your coming out experiences. Of course, right after that we will have our weekly Glee gathering, so we look forward to seeing you almost all day!

Coming Out!

This week we will be discussing coming out and how we have dealt with coming out. This is in recognition that Oct. 11th is National coming out day. This week we are MEETING AT THE LGBTRC from 7pm-9pm on Wednesday. I look forward to seeing you all there for the Meeting.

Other relevant events:

- Big gay Expo will be held tomorrow (Oct. 4th) from 7pm - 9pm at Hotel Vetro. This event hosts lots of local GLBT Groups. This is a great way to get involved with groups outside of the GLBTAU and get more involved with the local community.

- Coming Out GLBTAU Event (Oct. 11th). We will be out on the Pentacrest (Or T. Anne Cleary walkway, pending approvals from University administration) with a closet for people to 'Come Out' of and tell their own coming out stories. We will have literature to pass out, and a place for you to write your own coming out stories. These stories will be incorporated into our GLBTAU yearbook this year.

Bullying and Glee!

Hope you are having a good week! This week we will be discussing bullying in the IOWA Room (335) of the IMU on Wednesday at 7pm. We may have guests from local high-school groups, if they have responded. However, this is still up in the air. We hope to see you all there on Wednesday, for a great discussion.

On another note, we will be having a GLEE PREMIERE PARTY at the LGBTRC Tuesday at 7pm. If you are interested in watching some Glee with fellow GLBTAU people, be sure to drop by and watch!

Terminology Discussion

And a big gay bus ride!

This week will be our terminology discussion. This is an important meeting, as we will be setting out some of the terms that you may not be familiar with and we will probably be using throughout the rest of the semester in our discussions. This week's meeting will be at the LGBT Resource Center! It will still be at 7pm, but you should make sure you have extra time to get over to the west side for this meeting, and for those of you living on the west side, you've got a little bit longer this week :)

Because this is a new location for most people, we will meet up on the east side of campus, and then take a bus over to the LGBTRC, so that nobody can get lost. The details:


I would like to officially announce the BAR-B-QUEER event that we will be co-hosting with M-Powerment IC! We will be having a big gay BBQ on Sunday September 11th, from 3:00pm - 6:00pm. We will be holding the event at College Green park, so there will be plenty of room for more kickball, as well as Frisbees, basketball, cards, and of course FREE FOOD!! You should see fliers starting to float around in the next few weeks!

New School Year, New Logo, New Members


Today is the start of the new school year, and the GLBTAU executive board wants to welcome our new look in, with all of our new members. We have switched our logo to the one now found at the top of every page on our website. We've implemented this new look to help our members recognize who we are, and how proud we are of our organization.

We look forward to welcoming back our old members this year, and look forward to see a new group of shining faces in our very first meeting on August 24th. We will go over introductions, and then play a great game of queer kickball out in Hubbard park. We know this will be a great way to get to know everyone (and there might be an extra special trip to Dairy Queen after the meeting!)

Hope to see everyone at 7pm in the Minnesota room of the IMU this Wednesday!

Exciting Way to Help Our Orginization!

Volunteers Needed!

The GLBTAU will be out on the Pentacrest making itself known to new students from noon to 3pm every day from August 22-26 (The first week of class). We will be asking people to make a hand print on a large poster if the support equality. We need volunteers to staff this table. We need your help to make our presence known! If you would like to be at the table with us Sign up on our poll HERE. This is on a first-come first-volunteer basis! If you are unable to help out, make sure all your friends know to come by!!

New Calendar


We decieded that the best way to bring you events is through a Google Calendar Application. You may now view the full size calendar on the calendar page, and a list of upcoming events on the right side of the homepage.

Website Running


Today we have launched the new website layout, and features. There have been several content updates, and we are proud of our accomplishments. However, our work is not done. We are still trying to find ways to make this website better. Please note that there are a few "Coming Soon" features we are planning, but we would love to hear your feedback on what else you would like to see! Please e-mail us at if you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback!


We apologize....

The GLBTAU is currently renovating it's website. We have disabled the links, and features of the website in order to quickly and efficiently renovate the website. You should expect to see a functioning website on August 1st, with updates to some content rolling out after that date.