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Event Calendar


  • Thursday, February 20th. 4p.m. (Sanctuary, S. Gilbert St.) General Members' Meeting.


  • Thursday, October 3rd. 4-6p.m. (Gerber Lounge, EPB) Professor Michael Bailey (Iowa State University). "In Bad Faith: Discerning False Religion in Late Medieval Superstition."
  • Wednesday, September 18th. 4:30p.m. (UCC2390) General Members' Meeting. [Minutes]
  • Thursday, May 2nd. 4-6p.m. (302SH) Professor Christopher Schabel (University of Cyprus). "Pope Honorius III (1216-27) and the Greek East."
  • Friday, March 8th. 1-2p.m. (280 SH) Roundtable Discussion on "Possible Sources for Environmental History." With Professors Richard C. Hoffmann (York University, Toronto), Tyler Priest (University of Iowa), Constance H. Berman (University of Iowa) and James Giblin (University of Iowa).
  • Thursday, March 7th. 6:15p.m. (1415 Cedar St) Medievalist Pot Luck Dinner.
  • Thursday, March 7th. 4-6p.m. (UCC 1117) GHS Lecture: Prof. Richard C. Hoffmann (York University, Toronto.) "Higher Authority: the State, Private Rights, and the 'Common Good' in Late Medieval Resource Management."


  • Friday, November 9th. 3:00p.m. (302SH) IFGM Lecture Series: Dr. Hilary E. Fox (University of Chicago). "Eadswith's Madness: Mental Illness, Self, and Community in Old English."
  • Friday, November 9th. 1:00-2:15p.m. (273SH) Brown Bag Lunch with Dr. Hilary E. Fox (University of Chicago).
  • Wednesday, October 24th. 3:00p.m. (302SH) IFGM Lecture Series: Professor Michelle Herder (Cornell College). "The Troubles of Vilanera: Monastic Decline and Failure in Fourteenth-Century Spain."
  • Tuesday, October 23rd. 4:00p.m. IFGM Seminar: "Overseas Research: Strategies and Pitfalls", with Yvonne Seale and Gabriel Baker.
  • Friday, August 31st. 3:00p.m. (302SH) General Members' Meeting. [Minutes]
  • Thursday, May 3rd. 3:00p.m. IFGM Seminar: "Funding Opportunities for Medievalists", with Angela Keysor. Dean's Conference Room (240SH).
  • Tuesday, April 24th. 4:00p.m. IFGM Seminar: "Digital Humanities for the Graduate Medievalist", with Yvonne Seale. The Commons (302SH). [Handout]
  • Friday, April 6th. 2:00p.m. General Members' Meeting. [Minutes]
  • Sunday, March 18th. 11:00a.m. General Members' Meeting. [Minutes]