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Medieval Faculty

This is an interdisciplinary list of the faculty members at the University of Iowa who work in the area of medieval studies. Click on the names to be directed to each faculty member's home page.

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Department of History

Berman Headshot

Constance H. Berman
Medieval social, economic, religious and women's history. (France and Italy)

Kamerick Headshot

Kathleen Kamerick
Gender and religious culture of northern Europe in the late Middle Ages. History of the book.

Moore Headshot

Michael E. Moore
Ecclesiastical, legal and scholarly traditions of medieval Europe. Formation of early medieval political culture and kingship.

Tachau Headshot

Katherine H. Tachau
Histories of medieval science, philosophy, and religious thought (with special emphasis on their development at the thirteenth- and fourteenth-century medieval universities).

Department of English

Hamilton Headshot

David Hamilton
Chaucer, medieval and early modern poetry.

Lavezzo Headshot

Kathy Lavezzo
Medieval literary studies with special attention to issues of community and social hierarchy; cultural geography; race and ethnicity; and gender and sexuality.

Sponsler Headshot

Claire Sponsler
Medieval literature, with a special interest in performance and cultural studies.

Wilcox Headshot

Jonathan Wilcox
Anglo-Saxon Christian culture and intellectual history; history of gestures and emotions.

College of Law

Gallanis Headshot

Thomas P. Gallanis
English and European legal history.

Department of German

Ehrstine Headshot

Glenn Ehrstine
German literature, ca. 1200-1600

School of Art and Art History

Bork Headshot

Robert Bork
Medieval and northern Renaissance art, especially Gothic architecture.

Department of French and Italian

Deborah Contrada
Medieval lyric poetry and female Italian writers.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Filios Headshot

Denise K. Filios
Medieval Spanish literature, women in literature, performance, and North African-Spanish cultural contacts from 711 to the present.