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Graduate Students

This is an interdisciplinary list of the graduate students at the University of Iowa who work in the area of medieval studies.

Department of English | Department of History | Department of Spanish and Portuguese | School of Art and Art History

Department of English

Tom Blake

Sonja Mayrhofer

Joseph Rodriguez

Vincent Rotkiewicz
My research focuses on drama and gender, particularly on Middle-English Cycle Plays and representations of the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 (specifically in Chaucer).

Spenser Santos
My research focuses on Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and some Old Spanish works, with a particular interest in the relationship of orthodoxy and heroes or heroic status.

Michael Sarabia

Tracy Stuhr

Chris Vinsonhaler

Department of History

Rebecca Church
My research focus is on cross cultural interactions between Southern France and Spain as reflected in charters. My other interests include women/gender, monasticism, medieval Mediterranean and the broader Islamic world.

Kristi DiClemente
My dissertation research is on marriage disputes in 15th century Paris bishop's court. My general foci are marriage, gender, women's history, social history in the High and Late Middle Ages. I am also involved in diversity and equality issues on campus, and student government.

Tyler Dryg
Medieval Germany

Renee Goethe
My research focuses on the propaganda exchanges, both in textual and artistic forms, between the royal abbey of Saint-Denis and the Capetian kings of France. (1100-1324 C.E.)

Sarah Matthews
My research is on the role of the body in theories about mood, emotional health, and psychological therapies in the high and later Middle Ages; more broadly I am interested in the history of science, magic, and medicine.

Christopher McFadin
I am interested in the rise of monasteries as economic institutions during the medieval period.

Yvonne Seale
I am broadly interested in women's history and in the social history of religion, with my dissertation research focusing on female Premonstratensians in 12th/13th century northern France.

Michelle Seiler
Medieval English legal history.

Heather Wacha
My research focuses on 12th/13th century Picardy, France: the construction of cartularies and women's religious patronage represented in those cartularies. Other interests include history of paper-making and book-binding as well as medieval Iberia and 12th/13th century French romances.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese

James Dyer

School of Art and Art History

Steven Kerrigan

Rebecca Smith
Rebecca's research focuses on the practical and structural underpinnings of monumental medieval architecture, particularly in 13th century France.