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Current Research in Social Psychology (CRISP) is a peer reviewed, electronic journal publishing theoretically driven, empirical research in major areas of social psychology. Publication is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Group Processes at the University of Iowa, which provides free access to its contents. Authors retain copyright for their work. CRISP is permanently archived at the Library of the University of Iowa and at the Library of Congress. Beginning in April, 2000, Sociological Abstracts publishes the abstracts of CRISP articles.


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09/21/2014 Neighborhood Deterioration and Perceptions of Race.


09/21/2014 The Use of Covert and Overt Jealousy Tactics in Romantic Relationships: The Moderating Role of Relationship Satisfaction.


08/20/2014 The Impact of Status Differences on Gatekeeping: A Theoretical Bridge and Bases for Investigation.


08/20/2014 Reducing Prejudice with (Elaborated) Imagined and Physical Intergroup Contact Interventions.


08/20/2014 Are Depressed Individuals More Susceptible to Cognitive Dissonance?


08/20/2014 Gender Differences in the Need to Belong: Different Cognitive Representations of the Same Social Groups.


07/15/2014 Fight the Power: Comparing and Evaluating Two Measures of French and Raven’s (1959) Bases of Social Power.


06/04/2014 Mother Knows Best So Mother Fails Most: Benevolent Stereotypes and the Punishment of Parenting Mistakes.


06/04/2014 Blame Attributions about Disloyalty.


04/24/2014 Attitudes Towards Muslims are More Favorable on a Survey than on an Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP).


04/17/2014 Attributions to Low Group Effort can Make You Feel Better: The Distinct Roles of In-group Identification, Legitimacy of Intergroup Status, and Controllability Perceptions.


04/17/2014 The Role of Collective and Personal Self-Esteem in a Military Context.


12/1/2013 On Bended Knee: Embodiment and Religious Judgments.


12/1/2013 Identity Salience and Identity Importance in Identity Theory.


9/26/2013 Sexist Humor and Beliefs that Justify Societal Sexism.


9/12/2013 Future-Oriented People Show Stronger Moral Concerns.


8/29/2013 Further Examining the Buffering Effect of Self-Esteem and Mastery on Emotions.


8/29/2013 Group-Based Resiliency: Contrasting the Negative Effects of Threat to the In-Group.


8/29/2013 You Validate Me, You Like Me, You're Fun, You Expand Me: "I'm Yours!"


5/12/2013 Pleading Innocents: Laboratory Evidence of Plea Bargaining's Innocence Problem


4/06/2013 The Moral Identity and Group Affiliation


2/27/2013 Threat, Prejudice, and Stereotyping in the Context of Japanese, North Korean, and South Korean Intergroup Relations


2/27/2013 Exams may be Dangerous to Grandpa's Health: How Inclusive Fitness Influences Students' Fraudulent Excuses


11/18/2012 Social Comparison Seeking: Providing General Comparison Curtails Local Comparison.


11/18/2012 Priming Ability-Relevant Social Categories Improves Intellectual Test Performance.


11/18/2012 Who Cares About Others?: Empathic Self-Efficacy as an Antecedent to Prosocial Behavior.


11/18/2012 Ambivalence Toward the In-Group Underlies Individual Identity Management Strategies.


11/18/2012 The Relative Influence of Values and Identities on Academic Dishonesty: A Quantitative Analysis.


5/30/2012 The Generalized Exchange of Punishments in Adult Recreational Softball: The Case of "Going Middle."


5/30/2012 Interhemispheric Communication and Emotional Reactivity.


5/30/2012 Self-Ratings of Love and Fear on Emotional Contagion Scale Depend on the Environmental Context of Rating.


3/17/2012 Dispositional Correlates of Informal Volunteering.


1/6/2012 The Stigma of Mental Health Treatment in the Military: An Experimental Approach.


1/6/2012 When the Personal Becomes Political: Mitigating Damage Following Scandals.


1/6/2012 Self-Enhancement Through Group and Individual Social Judgments.


1/6/2012 The Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure (IRAP) as a Measure of Women's Stereotypes About Gay Men.


1/6/2012 Attributional Errors and Gender Stereotypes: Perceptions of Male and Female Experts on Sex-Typed Material.


10/5/2011 Attributions and Expectancies about People Living with HIV/AIDS: Implications for Stereotyping.


10/5/2011 Social Loafing and Group Development: When "I" Comes Last.


9/20/2011 An Empirical Test of Legitimation as a Status Process.


9/12/2011 Gender Differences in Implicit Moral Orientation Associations: The Justice and Care Debate Revisited.


9/12/2011 Requestor's Acceptance and Non-Acceptance of the Refusal of the Initial Request: How to Improve the Door-In-The-Face Effects.


7/26/2011 Religious Attributions in Cross-Cultural Comparison.


7/26/2011 Does 1 + 1 = 3? Combining Disparate Identity Meanings.


7/26/2011 Developing a Social Psychology Laboratory on a Shoestring.


7/26/2011 Gender Differences in Environmentalism: The Mediating Role of Emotional Empathy







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