Application Checklist

If you can answer Yes to the following questions, you are ready to begin the online application process for a Humanities Iowa mini grant.

  1. Have you prepared the information for the the Mini Grant Application: Program Details sample form?
  2. Download the Program Details sample form

  3. Do you have your Project Narrative PDF ready to upload?

  4. Do you have a PDF of your signed and scanned Agreements and Certifications form ready to upload?
  5. Download unsigned Agreements and Certifications PDF

  6. Have you prepared the information for the Major Grant Application: Budget Details sample form?
  7. Download the Budget Details sample form

  8. Have you attached the Excel spreadsheet of cash contributions from other sources?
  9. Download the Excel spreadsheet

  10. Do you have your Budget Narrative PDF ready to upload?

Yes, I'm ready to apply online now.

Access the Mini Grant Application: Project Details online form

After you have completed the Program Details form, you will be redirected to the web page containing the Mini Grant Application: Budget Details form.