Humanities Iowa (HI) supports cultural programs and events throughout the state of Iowa. This is made possible through the NEH and from support through donations.

Why give?

With only funding from the NEH, each Iowan is allocated about $0.40 per year. With your gift, more Iowans can enjoy the humanities and what is important to Iowans.

How to give?

Donate Online or send a check to our postal address.


Whether it is a one time or a recurring gift, every cent helps every Iowan.

Employer Matches

Many employers will match an employee's donation, making your donation twice as helpful. Please check with your human resources representative to see if your employer will match charitable gifts.

Gifts in Memory or Honor

Gifts can be made in memory of someone special or to celebrate a special occasion. Please provide the name of the person or persons that the gift will honor.

Planned Giving

Remember Humanities Iowa in your will. Talk to your estate planner about supporting Humanities Iowa through your estate.

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What is is an charitable giving website, similar to services such as PayPal.

Why does HI use

Justgive has several benefits, including:

  • customized donation
  • anonymous donation
  • tax deductions
It is also more cost effective for HI as 97% every donation goes directly to HI.

More questions and answers regarding

Visit Justgive's Donor FAQ section.


Donors 2013

VM Bauer
Martha Bell
William Blackburn
Thomas Boyd
Willard (Bill) Boyd III
Willard (Sandy) and Susan Boyd
Margaret Brennan
Steve Brower
Jean Brown
Richard Burton
Graciela Caneiro-Livingston
DNE Caplan Family Foundation
Harry and Jeannette Carter
Priscilla Coffman
Sue Cosner
Thomas Dean
Deerfield Retirement Community
Frances DeJong
Judy Dietrich
James Doorley
Barb and Ron Eckhoff
Susan Enzle and Nathan Savin
James Erb
Mark Felderman
The Lifespace Foundation
William Friedricks
Rebecca Fritzsche
Susan Frye
Nancy A Garretson
Elizabeth Garst
Roswell & Elizabeth Garst Foundation
Mary Garst
Lynne George
Helen Goldstein
Carol Gronstal
Kate Gronstal
Robert Groves
Wilfred Groves
William Hamm
Ms. Voanne Hansen
James Hayes
Pam Hazell
Jeff and Cindy Heland
Richard or Helen Hernnstadt
John and Jan Hess
Beverly Hinds
Marsha Hucke
Independence Federated Garden Club
Iowa History Center
Lee or Nancy Jarvis
DE or SM Johnson
Tim Johnson
Martin or Maryann Kelly
Margaret Kiekhaefer
Cheryl Krewer
Maurice Lee
Dwight Lehman
Randall Lengeling
Sherry or Henry Lippert
Betty Lippincott
Helen Lockwood
Marcia or Cedric Lofdahl
Jean Logan
Alma Long
Sherman Lundy
Tom Lynner
Esther Mackintosh
Mary Markwalter
Cindy McLaughlin
John Menninger
Helen and Wayne Moyer
Neil Nakadate
Roger Natte
Harland Nelson
Steven Noah
Mary Noble
Carrie Z. Norton
Sandra Norvell
Russell Noyes
Barb O'Hea
Armond or Polly Pagliai
Dale Patrick
Dr. Bill and Sally Phelps
David Plath
Chris and Heather Plucar
Alta Price
Richard Ramsay
Mrs. Robert Reed
Larry Render
Sister Marilyn Reyes
Mark or Janet Rosenbury
Christopher Rossi
Gerard and Carolyn Rushton
Marina Sandquist
Robert Sayre
Ronald Schechtman
Robert or Anna Mae Schnucker
Linda Shenk
William Sherman
Steve Siegel
Cynthia Smith
P.J. Smith
Eldon and Mary Snyder
Larry Stone
J.S. Strauss
Dr. Richard Thomas
University of Iowa Libraries
Fiona Valentine
Rhoda Vernon
Voices Productions
Rosemarie Ward
Janet Winslow
Donald Young
Zora Zimmerman