How to Apply for a Speakers Bureau Presentation

PLEASE NOTE: The Speakers Bureau program will no longer accept applications from membership organizations. Eligible organizations must be oriented to the general, out-of-school adult public and cannot require a membership fee.

Download the application form as a sample PDF and meet the Speakers.

Who can apply?

See the restrictions below.

Humanities Iowa (HI) Speakers Bureau presenters are available to talk with:

*Colleges, community colleges, Universities, and public schools can apply if programs are geared toward and open to the general public.


How much does it cost?

A fee of $50 must accompany the request for a HI speaker. HI will fully fund the speaker's honorarium and reimburse the speaker for vehicle travel costs. If the speaker must stay overnight, the sponsoring organization must negotiate that expense with the speaker.

How do we pay?

You can submit a check or pay online. Online payments are through, which is also used for donations. Please include a copy of your receipt with your application via mail, fax, or email.

What do we have to do?

The local program coordinator will be asked to complete a one-page evaluation of the presentation, coordinate all arrangements with the speaker, and publicize the event locally a suggested flier template is available upon request. That is it!


The staff at HI will be happy to answer your questions. For questions, please contact us.