Innovation, Business & Law Colloquium:
Health Care Reform Act
Prof. David Orentlicher
University of Iowa College of Law


Readings for October 21, 2010
Instructor: Josephine Gittler
PPACA and Medicare  
  Kaiser Family Foundation, Summary of Key Changes to Medicare in 2010 Health Care Reform (2010)
PPACA, Long Term Care, Medicaid and the CLASS Act  
  Ng, T., Harrington, C. & Kitchener, M., Medicare and Medicaid In Long-Term Care, Health Affairs 29 (1) 22-28 (2010)  
  CCH, Volume 1, Sections 530-541, pp. 278-293 
  CCH, Volume 1, Sections 2105-2155, pp. 941-965 
PPACA and the Nursing Home Transparency and Improvement Act  
  CCH, Volume 1, Sections 1630-1685, pp. 820-838 
PPACA and the Elder Justice Act  

CCH, Volume 1, Sections 1905, pp. 915-922