Innovation, Business & Law Colloquium:
Health Care Reform Act
Prof. David Orentlicher
University of Iowa College of Law


Readings for September 9, 2010
Instructors - Ann Rhodes and Carol Watson
          Scan the section in the CCH text (volume I) on workforce. This includes pages 681 to 802.
          Buerhaus-Key Trends in the Healthcare Industry  
          Buerhaus-Demand for Health Care and Derived Demand for RNs
          Long-Access and Affordability-An Update on Health Reform in Massachusetts
          Arvantes-Commission is Likely to Set Nations Health Workforce Policies 
Additional Readings & Resources
          HRSA-The Physician Workforce  
          The Iowa Physician Workforce 
          HRSA-The RN Population 
          Trends in Nursing in Iowa  
          The US Health Workforce Profile