Antitrust and Competition Policy



Basic Resources

The public enforcement of the federal antitrust laws is entrusted to two agencies, the Antitrust Division of the United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission. The agencies have jointly and sometimes separately issued Guidelines stating their enforcement policy for certain practices. The most important of these are the jointly issued 2010 Horizontal Merger Guidelines. Additionally, “Commentary” on the Guidelines is available here.


Other important antitrust agency enforcement guidelines include:

Joint Ventures and other Collaborations among Competitors

Joint Statements on Health Care Antitrust Enforcement

Antitrust Guidelines for the Licensing of Intellectual Property

Antitrust Enforcement Guidelines for International Operations

Antitrust Enforcement and Intellectual Property Rights: Promoting innovation and Competition (joint hearings of Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission)


The leading multivolume treatise covering all aspects of United States antitrust enforcement, both public and private, is Phillip E. Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp, Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application (New York: Aspen, 22 volumes plus Supplement 2011), available in the University of Iowa Law Library at KF 1649.A8 (2006). For a single-volume study, see Herbert Hovenkamp, Federal Antitrust Policy: The Law of Competition and its Practice (West, 4th ed. 2011).


The European Union also has a large and active competition law enforcement agency located in the European Commission. In addition, the individual member states (nations) in the European Union have their own competition authorities. A centralized link to these can be found here.




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