Serving the drug information needs of today's busy pharmaceutical care providers.


IDIN's mission is to assist its members in accessing the latest in drug information and applying it to patient care decisions.



*Use of the electronic references in IDIN requires membership in the network and a user name and password.


Drug Information Education

Notice: IDIS database discontinuation December 31, 2014.   Read more.

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Welcome to the Iowa Drug Information Network (IDIN), a service for healthcare professionals. If you are not a current member of the network but are interested in the services available, please contact a representative of IDIN by sending e-mail to

An Educational and Service Program

IDIN is an educational and service program designed to support the drug information role of the pharmacist in providing pharmaceutical care. IDIN is the center for the generation and communication of drug information to practitioners in order to optimize medication use and achieve specific health outcomes.

Training Opportunities

Customized Training is prepared and delivered to meet our clients' needs.

• International Training at a Remote-Host Site: 1 - 2 weeks
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• International Training On-Site at DDIS: 2 -12 weeks
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• Domestic Training - Flexible program to meet your needs:
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A Personal, Educational Approach

The level of personal service, the training provided to members, and the quality of products are distinct advantages in joining the IDIN. The education and training programs of IDIN are unique and are designed to guide members individually to a high level of drug information skills.

Membership in the network provides pharmacists with access to timely information:

• IDIN Members have access 24/7 to a wide range of up-to-date electronic resources to meet their information needs
• Pharmacy students and faculty can assist IDIN members in formulating and conducting a search
• When appropriate, the IDIN staff will conduct the search and provide an evidence-based response

Also provided is access to IDIN staff who have expertise to:

• Critically define drug information needs
• Locate quality drug information
• Evaluate that drug information
• Carefully formulate an evidence-based recommendation
• Document that information and follow-up on the response

Vast Selection of Resources

The services of the IDIN are accessible by watts line, fax, e-mail or via Internet to the electronic network.

Customized Pharmaceutical Information Retrieval and Evaluation

Individuals or organizations who are not members of the Iowa Drug Information Network can contract for retrieval and evaluation of pharmaceutical information. (Current fees for this service.) This service offers specialized development of information support solutions and creation of databases to facilitate evidence-based decision making. Solutions are also applicable to:

• Formulary evaluations of drugs or drug classes
• Individual clinical trial summary and critique
• Synthesis of multiple studies in a therapeutic application
• Preparation or use of AMCP format product dossier for formulary submissions
• Preparation of text, slides, other material for CE or CME

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