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Sara Sullivan

Managing Editor

Joshua Gooch

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Amit Baishya
Katherine Gubbels
Emily Torricelli

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Raquel Baker
Erica Bazemore
Robert E. Gutsche, Jr.
A.C. Hawley
Elizabeth Lundberg
Benjamin Morton

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Daniel Boscaljon
Douglas Dowland
Matthew Gilchrist
Kyle Moody
Ryan Watson

Iowa Advisory Board

Rick Altman
Lafayette Bluford Adams
Cinzia Blum
Corey K. Creekmur
Rudolf Kuenzli
Brooks Landon
Tom Lewis
John Durham Peters
Laura Rigal
Rosemarie Scullion
David Wittenberg


National Advisory Board

Eyal Amiran, University of California at Irvine
David Banash, Western Illinois University
Michael Bérubé, Pennsylvania State University
Ralph Cintron, University of Illinois at Chicago
Robert J. Corber, Trinity College (CT)
D. Diane Davis, University of Texas at Austin
Daniel Gross, University of California at Irvine
Lawrence Grossberg, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Barbara M. Kennedy, Saffordshire University
George Lipsitz, University of California at Santa Barbara
David Metzger, Old Dominion University
Donald E. Pease, Dartmouth College
Susie Phillips, Northwestern University
Pamela Hunt Steinle, California State University at Fullerton
Kathleen Stewart, University of Texas at Austin
Paul Trembath, Colorado State University
Penny Von Eschen, University of Michigan



about IJCS

The Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies is a peer-reviewed publication that mixes traditional approaches and contemporary interventions in the interdisciplinary humanities and interpretive social sciences. IJCS is published exclusively in special issues. The result of our unique combination of approach and editing is that each issue serves as a conversation between established and emerging scholars; a lucid engagement of theoretical and ideological divides, and the evocation of new shared paths in cultural studies.


Please direct all correspondence to Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies, English Department, 308 English-Philosophy Building, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 52242.


Submit one copy of your manuscript, including a CD-R disc. The disc should contain your manuscript, preferably in Microsoft Word (for Windows), should be provided. Include your name on the title page only. Manuscripts cannot be returned unless a self-addressed envelope with U.S. postage is provided. Manuscripts must prepared following the MLA Style Manual (see the IJCS stylesheet here): articles prepared in other formats will not be considered. Authors must obtain permission for illustrations. A black and white glossy print of each illustration will be needed, though a photocopy is acceptable for initial submission. Captions should be typed on a separate piece of paper with appropriate credits and permissions. E-mail submissions are accepted only from individuals with unreliable postal systems; e-mail submissions from anywhere else will not be accepted.


Iowa Journal of Cultural Studies (ISSN 0743-2747) is published twice a year in Spring and Fall. Individuals: US$30 per year; Institutions: US$50 per year. Outside the United States, add for postage, US$9 per year.

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