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On-line special issue invitations will be electronically compiled and forwarded to the editorial board for consideration.


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Note: Spring production schedule runs Augus to March with release in April and Fall production schedule runs from January to August with release in October.


Describe the potential audience for this special issue and its relevance to the field of cultural studies.


Note any authors from whom you may commission an essay. Commissioned essays are subject to the same blind review process as any anonymous submission.

Commissioned articles

Is your special issue proposal tied to an upcoming or recently held conference or symposium at the University? If so, please describe the conference or symposium and, if the event has already taken place, leave a hard copy of your program in the IJCS mailbox in the Zimansky Lounge.



Describe your role as the guest editor of a special issue. What do you expect to do, and what do you expect IJCS to do? Detail any major commitments you have during the period in which you expect to edit the issue (e.g. book publication, tenure review, comprehensives, prospectus meetings, dissertation completion, etc.).

Any other issues you would like to address