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Creative Minds

What compels the human species to fill the world with art and culture? We can learn something from six creative people at Iowa who love painting, music, writing, and the beauty as well as the function of their respective art.

by Lin Larson

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Uncovering the Capacity for Concern

Is there an answer to war and hate? A research scientist at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics is looking inside our heads for the key to universal love and understanding.

by Gary Kuhlmann

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Every Breath You Take

What's in the air we breathe? It's nothing to sneeze at. Dust particles are attracting serious and increasing attention from researchers, particularly an Iowa engineer who has made it his life's work to find out what's in that dust—and what it does to us.

by Gary Galluzzo

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The New Age of Aging

What a drag it is to get old. Or, so sang one Baby Boomer, not a few years ago. But is it really? Mick Jagger's complaint might resonate with those who were around when the Rolling Stones were popular with the don't-trust-anybody-over-30 crowd, but researchers in the College of Nursing are singing a tune that's a lot more upbeat about facing the inevitable.

by Diana Thrift

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A trove of words, pictures, and artifacts are helping researchers, educators, and students at Iowa and around the world fill in missing pieces in the framework of history and cuture. Here's a glimpse at the wide variety of fascinating one-of-a-kind treasures they're finding in a special place on the Iowa campus.



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