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Photo of two small children " "

Letting Kids Lead the Way to Literacy

Teach your children well, they say. But how? Two projects in the College of Education tap unexpected and rich veins of knowledge.

Photo of medical device  

The Shape of Science to Come

Stuff from the mind of Ray Bradbury? Or reality? Amazing advances are emerging from the joint efforts of Iowa's doctors, engineers, and scientists.

Fanciful drawing of woman in apron serving a pie chart  

Family Friendly?

Progressive workplace policies like flexible scheduling and telecommuting may be backfiring on those who need them most.

Photo of Mary Gilchrist in a cornfield  

Field Artillery

Mary Gilchrist and her staff at the University Hygienic Laboratory prepare strategy for a revamped campaign to guard public health.

Photo of young woman artist working on painting  

Freedom to Flourish

Each spring, an on-campus exhibition featuring the artwork of recent M.F.A. graduates reflects Iowa's role as a training ground for generations of artists. Meet a few from the newest breed.

Victorian postcard showing a group of people on a roller coaster  

Nickelodeons, Thrill Rides, and Midway Delights

A visit to Coney Island proves that anything is fodder for fun, but at least one professor contends the amusement part is a subject for serious study.



Local, regional, and national honors and awards.

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Inventions, new knowledge, and research findings.

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Grants to faculty, staff and students.




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