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Photo: A gahe, or mountain spirit, from the Mescalero Apache nation in New Mexico.  

Native Exposure

Through an in-depth look at the practices and beliefs of Native Americans, a religious studies professor prepares undergraduates to think critically about key issues in the American experieince.

Photo: Model wearing Xuly Bet fashion creation . " "

For All the World Like Africa

For the better part of her career, a curator at the University of Iowa Museum of Art has hunted for treasure in the art and culture of Africa. She's unearthed riches in contemporary fashion and traditional dress that could make a world of difference in how the rest of the world views the vast continent.

by Gary Kuhlmann

Photo: Boy kicking soccer ball.  

It's How You Play the Game

As a kid, Dawn Stephens spent her summers playing sandlot baseball with a ragtag roster of neighborhood kinds and not a coach, parent, or other form of adult supervision in sight. But that kind of fun may be a thing of the past—as may be fairness, respect, and graciousness on the field and court, according to the professor of sport psychology.

by Sara Epstein Moninger

Photo: Pharmacist consulting with patient.  

Rx for New Life in the Corner Drugstore

In the face of competition from retail giants, the neighborhood drugstore might stay alive by following a pharmacy professor's prescription to become more involved in patient care.

by Anne Tanner

Photo: Rural mailbox filled with mail.  

by Gary Kuhlmann



Local, regional, and national honors and awards.

Photo: Young toddler  


Inventions, new knowledge, and research findings.

Photo: Virtual soldier.  


Grants to faculty, staff, and students.

Photo: Iowa Advanced Driving Simulator  


Driving while distracted—what new research is showing.