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Small Wonder, Big Issues

Pop open a vial of ultraminiature iron oxide particles and watch the stuff go up in a puff of dust and spread through the air. It might be hard to imagine a little dust could make much difference. But Iowa researchers who study nanoscience are investigating a world of almost unimaginably small things that could have gigantic effects.


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Students Make a World of Difference

They must leave their comfort zones. Their journey involves thinking about problems beyond economic, cultural, and geographic boundaries. But by the time they graduate, students in Iowa’s international studies programs are equipped to work on complex problems of global scale.


Meredith Hay, Vice President for Research  

It’s nothing new. From rocket science to writing programs to entrepreneurial training, the University’s work has shaped the world for decades. But now an economic development plan will strengthen the ties between Iowa’s brightest minds and communities, businesses, and people everywhere.


A woman riding a horse in a rink.  

Beauty of the Beast

What’s most remarkable about animals? It may be what they can teach us about our humanity. Six scholars from diverse disciplines gathered together in a semester-long seminar to challenge one another—and scientists and scholars everywhere—to break through conventional thinking about animals.


Two young men wearing 3-D glasses in a simulator.  

Better Reality Through Simulation

Seemingly fantastic scenarios are everyday realities in at least 10 simulation laboratories across the University of Iowa campus, where researchers and scholars are exploring how to improve everything from aviation safety to medical training and much more, including the creation of fine art.

A hand holding a prescription bag.  

To Their Health

Thousands of women lined up to take part in one of the biggest sets of clinical trials ever performed so that future generations of women may enjoy longer and healthier lives. Researchers in public health and medicine reflect on the groundbreaking work of the nationwide Women’s Health Initiative.

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Local, regional, and national honors and awards.


Microscopic photo.  


Inventions, new knowledge, and research findings.


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Grants to faculty, staff, and students.

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Why science?