New Iowa Law Review Bulletin Piece

Professor Sam Kamin responds to Leff's Volume 99, Issue 2 Article Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers in The Limits of Marijuana Legalization in the States.
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New Iowa Law Review Bulletin Piece

Professor Anthony Johnstone responds to Gilbert's Volume 98, Issue 5 Article Campaign Finance Disclosure and the Information Tradeoff.
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Volume 99 Iowa Law Review Bulletin Slots Filled

The Iowa Law Review Bulletin has filled all publication slots for Volume 99 (2013-14). The Bulletin will begin to review pieces for publication in Volume 100 (2014-15) on April 1st. Submissions should be emailed to


In Memory of Professor Randall Bezanson

The Iowa Law Review joins the College of Law and legal community in mourning the loss of Professor Randall Bezanson. Professor Bezanson began his involvement with the Iowa Law Review as a student, serving as Editor-in-Chief of Volume 56, and continued as a great supporter throughout his career. He published more than a dozen pieces with the Review, served as our faculty advisor, and was influential in starting the Iowa Law Review Bulletin. He was dedicated to the College of Law and a committed teacher and mentor to hundreds of students.

A service will be held from 4-6 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 15 at the Levitt Center for University Advancement. If you wish to share a memory or tribute to Professor Bezanson, please follow the link below.

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Issue 99:2 Now Available

Issue 2 of Volume 99 is now available online and in print. The issue contains five articles, one essay, and five student-written notes. The Iowa Law Review will publish Issue 3 on March 1, 2014.


Student Note Recognized

The Iowa Law Review is proud to announce that Molly McPartland's note, "Friending" the Federal Rules: An Analysis of Facebook "Likes" Under the Federal Rules of Evidence, was one of three Forthcoming Articles of Interest listed on EvidenceProf Blog. You can see Molly's note in Issue 1 of Iowa Law Review Volume 99.


Iowa Law Review 2013 Symposium

The Iowa Law Review is pround to announce the schedule for the 2013 symposium: Fifty Years of Gideon: The Past, Present, and Future of the Right to Counsel. The 2013 symposium will take place on October 17th and 18th. More details may be found under the Symposium link above. View the Brochure.


Volume 99 Student Writers

The Iowa Law Review Editorial Board is proud to announce the new Volume 99 student writers. View the Masthead.


Volume 99 Student Notes Selected for Publication

The Volume 98 Editorial Board is proud to announce the student notes selected for publication in Volume 99 of the Iowa Law Review. View the List.


Volume 99 Editorial Board

The Volume 98 Editorial Board is proud to announce the incoming members of the
Volume 99 Editorial Board. View the Masthead.


New Submission Process

Effective January 2013, the Iowa Law Review will only accept unsolicited manuscripts through Scholastica. Click here for more information.


Iowa Law Review Bulletin

The Limits of Marijuana Legalization in the States

by Sam Kamin

Responding to Leff, Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers

View Response   View Article

The System of Campaign Finance Disclosure

by Anthony Johnstone

Responding to Gilbert, Campaign Finance Disclosure and the Information Tradeoff

View Response   View Article

A Response to Professor Leff’s Tax Planning “Olive Branch” for Marijuana Dealers

by Philip T. Hackney

Responding to Leff, Tax Planning for Marijuana Dealers

View Response   View Article

"The Magna Carta of Free Enterprise" Really?

by Daniel A. Crane

Responding to Nachbar, The Antitrust Constitution

View Response   View Article

Prostitution 3.0: A Comment

by Scott Cunningham & Todd D. Kendall

Responding to Peppet, Prostitution 3.0?

View Response   View Article

Watching the Detectives: Electronic Recording of Custodial Interrogations in Iowa

by Brian R. Farrell & Sara K. Farrell

View Essay

An Optimist's Take on the Decline of Small-Employer Health Insurance

by Allison K. Hoffman

Responding to Monahan & Schwarcz, Saving Small-Employer Health Insurance

View Response   View Article

On the Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Criminal Justice Policy: A Response to The Imprisoner's Dilemma

by Sonja B. Starr

Responding to Abrams, The Imprisoner's Dilemma: A Cost-Benefit Approach to Incarceration

View Response   View Article

Marriage, Biology, and Gender

by Douglas NeJaime

Responding to Joslin, Marriage, Biology, and Federal Benefits

View Response   View Article

Federalism and the Eighth Amendment

by Youngjae Lee

Responding to Mannheimer, Cruel and Unusual Federal Punishments

View Response   View Article

The Great A&P and the Struggle for the Soul of Antitrust

by Sandeep Vaheesan

View Essay

What Does New Theory Contribute to the Evolution of the Tort of Medical Malpractice?

by Eleanor D. Kinney

Responding to Stein, Toward a Theory of Medical Malpractice

View Response   View Article

The Problem of Line-Drawing

by Sarah B. Lawsky

Responding to Borden, Quantitative Model for Measuring Line-Drawing Inequity

View Response   View Article

Judicial Deference to Congress and the Separation of Powers

by Louis J. Virelli III

Responding to Berger, Deference Determinations and Stealth Constitutional Decision Making

View Response   View Article

Multiple Markets and the Justification of Contract

by Roy Kreitner

Responding to Oman, Markets as a Moral Foundation for Contract Law

View Response   View Article

Authors’ Reply: The ALI Needs to Implement Modern Conflict of Interest Policies

by Elizabeth Laposata, Richard Barnes & Stanton Glantz

Responding to Ramo & Liebman, The ALI’s Response to the Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education

View Authors' Reply   View Response   View Article

A Study in Detection: The Who and Why of the Health Care Joint Dissent

by Laura Krugman Ray

View Essay

The ALI’s Response to the Center for Tobacco Control Research & Education

by Roberta Cooper Ramo and Lance Liebman

Responding to Laposata et al.Tobacco Industry Influence on the American Law Institute’s Restatement of Torts and Implications for Its Conflict of Interest Policies

View Response   View Article


Balancing and the Unauthorized Disclosure of National Security Information

by Mary-Rose Papandrea

Responding to Fenster, Disclosure's Effects: WikiLeaks and Transparency

View Response   View Article


Privacy & the Personal Prospectus: Should We Introduce Privacy Agents or Regulate Privacy Intermediaries?

by Scott R. Peppet

Responding to Kang et al., Self-Surveillance Privacy

View Response   View Article


WikiLeaks as a Transparency Hard-Case

by Roy Peled

Responding to Fenster, Disclosure's Effects: WikiLeaks and Transparency

View Response   View Article


Contextualizing Disclosure’s Effects: WikiLeaks, Balancing, and the First Amendment

by Christina E. Wells

Responding to Fenster, Disclosure's Effects: WikiLeaks and Transparency

View Response   View Article


Supreme Court Opinions and the Justices Who Cite Them: A Response to Cross

by Corey Rayburn Yung

Responding to Cross, The Ideology of Supreme Court Opinions and Citations

View Response   View Article


Habeas Corpus, Protection, and Extraterritorial Constitutional Rights: A Reply to Stephen Vladeck's "Insular Thinking About Habeas"

by Andrew Kent

Responding to Vladeck, Insular Thinking About Habeas

View Response   View Article


Direct Employer Liability for Punitive Damages

by Sandra F. Sperino

Responding to Seiner, Punitive Damages, Due Process, and Employment Discrimination

View Response   View Article


Insular Thinking About Habeas

by Stephen I. Vladeck

Responding to Kent, Boumediene, Munaf, and the Supreme Court’s Misreading of the Insular Cases

View Response   View Article


Why Crime Severity Analysis is Not Reasonable

by Christopher Slobogin

Responding to Bellin, Crime-Severity Distinctions and the Fourth Amendment: Reassessing Reasonableness in a Changing World

View Response   View Article