Writers and editors of the Iowa Law Review have gone on to become successful lawyers, federal and state judges, law professors, politicians, and business people. The Law Review is appreciative of the support our alumni have provided throughout the years. Without this support, the Law Review would not exist in its current form. Below, you can view mastheads of the Law Review and photos of past Law Review Editorial Boards by volume. We apologize if a photo is not available for a certain volume—we are currently trying to track down those photos.

Volume 98MastheadPhotoVolume 97MastheadPhoto
Volume 96MastheadPhotoVolume 95MastheadPhoto
Volume 94MastheadPhotoVolume 93MastheadPhoto
Volume 92MastheadPhotoVolume 91MastheadPhoto
Volume 90MastheadPhotoVolume 89MastheadPhoto
Volume 88MastheadPhotoVolume 87MastheadPhoto
Volume 86MastheadPhotoVolume 85MastheadPhoto
Volume 84MastheadPhotoVolume 83MastheadPhoto
Volume 82MastheadPhotoVolume 81MastheadPhoto
Volume 80MastheadPhotoVolume 79MastheadPhoto
Volume 78MastheadPhotoVolume 77MastheadPhoto
Volume 76MastheadPhotoVolume 75MastheadPhoto
Volume 74MastheadPhotoVolume 73MastheadPhoto
Volume 72MastheadPhotoVolume 71MastheadPhoto
Volume 70MastheadPhotoVolume 69MastheadPhoto
Volume 68MastheadPhotoVolume 67MastheadPhoto
Volume 66MastheadPhotoVolume 65MastheadPhoto
Volume 64MastheadPhotoVolume 63MastheadPhoto
Volume 62MastheadPhotoVolume 61MastheadPhoto
Volume 60MastheadPhotoVolume 59MastheadPhoto
Volume 58MastheadPhotoVolume 57MastheadPhoto
Volume 56MastheadPhotoVolume 55MastheadPhoto
Volume 54MastheadPhotoVolume 53MastheadPhoto
Volume 52MastheadPhotoVolume 51MastheadPhoto
Volume 50MastheadPhotoVolume 49MastheadPhoto
Volume 48MastheadPhotoVolume 47MastheadPhoto
Volume 46MastheadPhotoVolume 45MastheadPhoto
Volume 44MastheadPhotoVolume 43MastheadPhoto
Volume 42MastheadPhotoVolume 41MastheadPhoto
Volume 40MastheadPhotoVolume 39MastheadPhoto
Volume 38MastheadPhotoVolume 37MastheadPhoto
Volume 36MastheadPhotoVolume 35MastheadPhoto
Volume 34MastheadPhotoVolume 33MastheadPhoto
Volume 32MastheadPhotoVolume 31MastheadPhoto
Volume 30MastheadPhotoVolume 29MastheadPhoto
Volume 28MastheadPhotoVolume 27MastheadPhoto
Volume 26MastheadPhotoVolume 25MastheadPhoto
Volume 24MastheadPhotoVolume 23MastheadPhoto
Volume 22MastheadPhotoVolume 21MastheadPhoto
Volume 20MastheadPhotoVolume 19MastheadPhoto
Volume 18MastheadPhotoVolume 17MastheadPhoto
Volume 16MastheadPhotoVolume 15MastheadPhoto
Volume 14MastheadPhotoVolume 13MastheadPhoto
Volume 12MastheadPhotoVolume 11MastheadPhoto
Volume 10MastheadPhotoVolume 9MastheadPhoto
Volume 8MastheadPhotoVolume 7MastheadPhoto
Volume 6MastheadPhotoVolume 5MastheadPhoto
Volume 4MastheadPhotoVolume 3MastheadPhoto
Volume 2MastheadPhotoVolume 1MastheadPhoto

Distinguished Alumni Award

Created by the Volume 91 Editorial Board in 2005, the Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes former members of the Iowa Law Review for outstanding personal and professional achievement. The Award was designed to connect the present and past members of the Iowa Law Review; to inspire all members, by example, to believe in their own personal and professional potential; and to honor one of our predecessors who has contributed uniquely to the field of law and beyond. The Award is presented annually by the current Editorial Board at the Law Review’s Annual Banquet. If you would like to nominate a former Editor or Student Writer of the Iowa Law Review for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please send your nomination to

Previous Distinguished Alumni Award winners include: