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99-1 (November 2013)


Choice Architecture and the Locus of Fiduciary Obligation in Defined Contribution Plans
by Dana M. Muir
99 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2013)

The Antitrust Constitution
by Thomas B. Nachbar
99 Iowa L. Rev. 57 (2013)

Credit Reform and the States: The Vital Role of Attorneys General After Dodd-Frank
by Mark Totten
99 Iowa L. Rev. 115 (2013)

Coase Minus the Coase Theorem-Some Problems with Chicago Transaction Cost Analysis
by Pierre Schlag
99 Iowa L. Rev. 175 (2013)

Big Data and Pharmacovigilance: Using Health Information Exchanges to Revolutionize Drug Safety
by Ryan Abbott
99 Iowa L. Rev. 225 (2013)


Dirty Silver Platters: The Enduring Challenge of Intergovernmental Investigative Illegality
by Wayne A. Logan
99 Iowa L. Rev. 293 (2013)

Rethinking the Principal-Agent Theory of Judging
by Jonathan Remy Nash & Rafael I. Pardo
99 Iowa L. Rev. 331 (2013)


Improving Access to Commercial Websites Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act
by Courtney L. Burks
99 Iowa L. Rev. 363 (2013)

The SEC on a Forum Shopping Spree: SEC Enforcement Power and Control Person Liability After Dodd-Frank
by Brianna L. Gates
99 Iowa L. Rev. 393 (2013)

"Won't You Be My Neighbor?" Living with Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations
by Emily A. Kolbe
99 Iowa L. Rev. 415 (2013)

An Analysis of Facebook "Likes" and Other Nonverbal Internet Communication Under the Federal Rules of Evidence
by Molly D. McPartland
99 Iowa L. Rev. 445 (2013)

98-5 (July 2013)


Efficient Copyright Infringement
by David Fagundes
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1791 (2013)

Campaign Finance Disclosure and the Information Tradeoff
by Michael D. Gilbert
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1847 (2013)

Reverse Regulatory Arbitrage: An Auction Approach to Regulatory Assignments
by M. Todd Henderson & Frederick Tung
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1895 (2013)

Saving Small-Employer Health Insurance
by Amy B. Monahan & Daniel Schwarcz
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1935 (2013)

Prostitution 3.0?
by Scott R. Peppet
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1989 (2013)


Determining the Proper Standard of Causation to Support a Conviction Under 18 U.S.C. § 1347 When Healthcare Fraud "Results in Death"
by Laura A. Feldman
98 Iowa L. Rev. 2061 (2013)

Fight Fraud Within Exemption: Advocating a Properly Tailored Interpretation of the § 1702 Evasion Clause of the Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act
by Stephen A. Hench
98 Iowa L. Rev. 2087 (2013)

The Hobson's Choice in Union Discipline Cases: When Union Members Are Forced to Decide Between Fired or Fined
by Andrea M. Krogstad
98 Iowa L. Rev. 2115 (2013)

Should Courts Apply Dodd-Frank's Prohibition on the Enforcement of Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements Retroactively?
by Bradley Mark Nerderman
98 Iowa L. Rev. 2141 (2013)

98-4 (May 2013)


Exclusivity Without Patents: The New Frontier of FDA Regulation for Genetic Materials
by Gregory Dolin, M.D.
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1399 (2013)

Marriage, Biology, and Federal Benefits
by Courtney G. Joslin
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1467 (2013)

Fee Effects
by Kathryn Judge
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1517 (2013)

Insuring Against a Derivative Disaster: The Case for Decentralized Risk Management
by Jeffrey Manns
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1575 (2013)


Separation of Powers, Individual Rights, and the Constitution Abroad
by Jules Lobel
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1629 (2013)


What Happens in Iowa Stays in Iowa: A Framework for Implementing Changes to State Open Records Laws
by Susan P. Elgin
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1677 (2013)

An Alternative Approach to the RESPA Versus Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Unpaid Pre-Petition Escrow Amount Debate
by Michelle A. Halverson
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1707 (2013)

God(s) in Congress: A Two-Step Analysis Addressing the Constitutionality of Guest-Chaplain Invocations, and a Call for Aggressive Enforcement of the Establishment Clause
by George R. Kennedy
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1731 (2013)

Healthcare Liens and the Common Fund Doctrine: The Need for Legislative Action to Prevent Fee Shifting at the Expense of Healthcare Providers
by Alex W. Schulte
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1763 (2013)

98-3 (March 2013)


The Imprisoner’s Dilemma: A Cost–Benefit Approach to Incarceration
David S. Abrams
98 Iowa L. Rev. 905 (2013)

Quantitative Model for Measuring Line-Drawing Inequity
Bradley T. Borden
98 Iowa L. Rev. 971 (2013)

Down-Sizing the “Little Guy” Myth in Legal Definitions
Mirit Eyal-Cohen
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1041 (2013)

A License Is Not a “Contract Not To Sue”: Disentangling Property and Contract in the Law of Copyright Licenses
Christopher M. Newman
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1101 (2013)

Personal Jurisdiction and Choice of Law
Stewart E. Sterk
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1163 (2013)


Death and Taxes and Zombies
Adam Chodorow
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1207 (2013)

Joint Tenancies in Iowa Today
N. William Hines
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1233 (2013)


Protecting the Unconvicted: Limiting Iowa’s Rights to Public Access in Search of Greater Protection for Criminal Defendants Whose Charges Do Not End in Convictions
Matthew D. Callanan
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1275 (2013)

Rehabilitating Tinker: A Modest Proposal To Protect Public-School Students’ First Amendment Free Expression Rights in the Digital Age
Aaron J. Hersh
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1309 (2013)

Is Cooperation with the EEOC an Implied Requirement for Exhaustion of Administrative Remedies?
Laura M. Hyer
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1351 (2013)

Isn’t It Obvious? How Klein’s Definition of Analogous Prior Art Conflicts with the Supreme Court’s Vision for Obviousness
Samantha M. Rollins
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1377 (2013)

98-2 (January 2013)


Deference Determinations and Stealth Constitutional Decision Making
Eric Berger
98 Iowa L. Rev. 465 (2013)

Normative Legal Theories: The Case for Pluralism and Balancing
Steven J. Burton
98 Iowa L. Rev. 535 (2013)

The Evidence of Things Not Seen: Non-Matches as Evidence of Innocence
James S. Liebman et al.
98 Iowa L. Rev. 577 (2013)

Good Faith Performance
Dr. Alan D. Miller & Dr. Ronen Perry
98 Iowa L. Rev. 689 (2013)

Book Review

IP Injury and the Institutions of Patent Law
Paul R. Gugliuzza
98 Iowa L. Rev. 747 (2013)


A Way Forward: Establishing Financially Self-Sustaining Health-Insurance Exchanges Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act
Jessica D.H. Allen
98 Iowa L. Rev. 773 (2013)

Redefining Attorney-Fee Shifting Under the Lanham Act: Protecting Small Businesses and Deterring Trademark Infringement
Sharad K. Bijanki
98 Iowa L. Rev. 809 (2013)

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Due-Diligence Failures: Should Comparative Responsibility Be Imposed on a Government-Sponsored Entity’s Claims Brought Under Sections 11(a) and 12(a)(2) of the Securities Act of 1933?
Alexander S. Bonander
98 Iowa L. Rev. 835 (2013)

The Revocation of Clean-Energy Investment Economic-Support Systems as Indirect Expropriation Post-Nykomb: A Spanish Case Analysis
Rachel A. Nathanson
98 Iowa L. Rev. 863 (2013)

98-1 (November 2012)


Tobacco Industry Influence on the American Law Institute’s Restatements of Torts and Implications for Its Conflict of Interest Policies
Elizabeth Laposata, Richard Barnes & Stanton Glantz
98 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2012)

Cruel and Unusual Federal Punishments
Michael J. Zydney Mannheimer
98 Iowa L. Rev. 69 (2012)

Customizing Employment Arbitration
Erin O’Hara O’Connor, Kenneth J. Martin & Randall S. Thomas
98 Iowa L. Rev. 133 (2012)

Markets as a Moral Foundation for Contract Law
Nathan B. Oman
98 Iowa L. Rev. 183 (2012)

Muslims and Religious Liberty in the Era of 9/11: Empirical Evidence from the Federal Courts
Gregory C. Sisk & Michael Heise
98 Iowa L. Rev. 231 (2012)


Self-Defense and the Suspicion Heuristic
L. Song Richardson & Phillip Atiba Goff
98 Iowa L. Rev. 293 (2012)


Stern v. Marshall: How Anna Nicole Smith Almost Stripped Bankruptcy Courts of Jury Trials
Bryce K. Dalton
98 Iowa L. Rev. 337 (2012)

Having Faith in Full Faith & Credit: Finstuen, Adar, and the Quest for Interstate Same-Sex Parental Recognition
Joseph A. Fraioli
98 Iowa L. Rev. 365 (2012)

The Constitutional Validity of Pro Forma Recess Appointments: A Bright-Line Test Using a Substance-over-Form Approach
Alex N. Kron
98 Iowa L. Rev. 397 (2012)

Iowa’s All-Male Supreme Court
Gina M. Messamer
98 Iowa L. Rev. 421 (2012)

97-6 (October 2012)

In Memoriam: David C. Baldus

David C. Baldus, the Joseph B. Tye Professor of Law at the University of Iowa, died peacefully at home on Monday, June 13, 2011, after a lengthy battle with cancer. We are grateful for the many years he was our colleague and we mourn his loss.

View the Special Tribute Issue.

97-5 (July 2012)

Batson Symposium

Twenty-Five Years of Batson: An Introduction to Equal Protection Regulation of Peremptory Jury Challenges
James J. Tomkovicz
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1393 (2012)

Statistical Proof of Racial Discrimination in the Use of Peremptory Challenges: The Impact and Promise of the Miller-El Line of Cases As Reflected in the Experience of One Philadelphia Capital Case
David C. Baldus et al.
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1425 (2012)

Prosecutors and Peremptories
Alafair S. Burke
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1467 (2012)

Batson “Blame” and Its Implications for Equal Protection Analysis
Robin Charlow
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1489 (2012)

Batson’s Grand Jury DNA
Roger A. Fairfax, Jr.
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1511 (2012)

A Stubborn Legacy: The Overwhelming Importance of Race in Jury Selection in 173 Post-Batson North Carolina Capital Trials
Catherine M. Grosso & Barbara O'Brien
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1531 (2012)

Civilizing Batson
Nancy Leong
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1561 (2012)

Batson Revisited
Nancy S. Marder
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1585 (2012)

Batson Remedies
Jason Mazzone
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1613 (2012)

Policing the Borders of Democracy: The Continuing Role of Batson in Protecting the Citizenship Rights of the Excluded
Melynda J. Price
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1635 (2012)

Jury Selection and the Coase Theorem
Dru Stevenson
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1645 (2012)

The People’s Peremptory Challenge and Batson: Aiding the People’s Voice and Vision Through the “Representative” Jury
Andrew E. Taslitz
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1675 (2012)

Why Batson Misses the Point
Tania Tetlow
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1713 (2012)


Framing the Debate: Understanding Iowa’s 2010 Judicial-Retention Election Through a Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor
Tyler J. Buller
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1745 (2012)

If You Cannot Afford an Attorney, Will One Be Appointed for You?: How (Some) States Force Criminal Defendants To Choose Between Posting Bond and Getting a Court-Appointed Attorney
Allison D. Kuhns
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1787 (2012)

Stolen Valor and Freedom of Speech: An Analysis of How Federal Law Should Criminalize the Wearing of Unearned Military Awards
Joshua J. Orewiler
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1811 (2012)

A “Phantom Recall” Does Not Comport with FDA’s Regulatory Practice—Or Does It?: The Need for More Stringent Mandatory Reporting in FDA Matters
Eleanor G. Tennyson
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1839 (2012)

97-4 (May 2012)


Statutes as Contracts? The “California Rule” and Its Impact on Public Pension Reform
Amy B. Monahan
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1029 (2012)

Examining the Tax Advantage of Founders’ Stock
Gregg D. Polsky & Brant J. Hellwig
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1085 (2012)

The Institutional Case for Judicial Review
Jonathan R. Siegel
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1147 (2012)

Toward a Theory of Medical Malpractice
Alex Stein
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1201 (2012)


Whither Freedom of the Press?
Randall P. Bezanson
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1259 (2012)

Unradical: “Freedom of the Press” as the Freedom of All To Use Mass Communications Technology
Eugene Volokh
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1275 (2012)


Safe for Work? Analyzing the Supreme Court’s Standard of Privacy for Government Employees in Light of City of Ontario v. Quon
Sheila A. Bentzen
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1283 (2012)

The 75 Billion Dollar Question: Why Is HAMP Not an Entitlement Program?
Nicholas T. Maxwell
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1305 (2012)

Removing the Constraints to Coverage of Gender-Confirming Healthcare by State Medicaid Programs
Nicole M. True
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1329 (2012)

Worthy Exemption? Examining How the DOL Should Apply the FLSA to Unpaid Interns at Nonprofits and Public Agencies
Anthony J. Tucci
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1363 (2012)

97-3 (March 2012)


The Ideology of Supreme Court Opinions and Citations
Frank B. Cross
97 Iowa L. Rev. 693 (2012)

Disclosure's Effects: WikiLeaks and Transparency
Mark Fenster
97 Iowa L. Rev. 753 (2012)

Self-Surveillance Privacy
Jerry Kang, Katie Shilton, Deborah Estrin, Jeff Burke, & Mark Hansen

97 Iowa L. Rev. 809 (2012)

Political Reasons, Deliberative Democracy, and Administrative Law
Glen Staszewski
97 Iowa L. Rev. 849 (2012)

Book Review

Recent Writing on Law and Happiness
Richard Delgado
97 Iowa L. Rev. 913 (2012)


Determining the Proper Standard of Proof for Incapacity Under the Family and Medical Leave Act
Leslie A. Barry
97 Iowa L. Rev. 931 (2012)

Extraterritorial Application of the Alien Tort Statute: The Effect of Morrison v. National Australia Bank, Ltd. on Future Litigation
Michelle K. Fiechter
97 Iowa L. Rev. 959 (2012)

Public Utilities and the Statute of Limitations: Iowa Law Leaves Consumers in the Dark
Mario A. Kladis
97 Iowa L. Rev. 981 (2012)

From Forest Group to the America Invents Act: False Patent Marking Comes Full Circle
Nicholas W. Stephens
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1003 (2012)

97-2 (January 2012)


Nonbelievers and Government Speech
Caroline Mala Corbin
97 Iowa L. Rev. 347 (2012)

Willful Patent Infringement and Enhanced Damages After In Re Seagate: An Empirical Study
Christopher B. Seaman
97 Iowa L. Rev. 417 (2012)

Punitive Damages, Due Process, and Employment Discrimination
Joseph A. Seiner
97 Iowa L. Rev. 473 (2012)

Negligence, Strict Liability, and Responsibility for Climate Change
David Weisbach
97 Iowa L. Rev. 521 (2012)


Iowa Can Do Better than the Affiliate Tax: A Proposal for an Intermediary Tax
Travis Cavanaugh
97 Iowa L. Rev. 567 (2012)

Old MacDonald Files Chapter 12 Bankruptcy: How Should the IRS Tax the Reorganization?
Daniel P. Fischer
97 Iowa L. Rev. 589 (2012)

There Ain't No End for the "Wicked": Implications of and Recommendations for § 4248 of the Adam Walsh Act After United States v. Comstock
Ryan K. Melcher
97 Iowa L. Rev. 629 (2012)

Privacy for Safety: The NCAA Sickle-Cell Trait Testing Policy and the Potential for Future Discrimination
Heather R. Quick
97 Iowa L. Rev. 665 (2012)

97-1 (November 2011)


Crime-Severity Distinctions and the Fourth Amendment: Reassessing Reasonableness in a Changing World
Jeffrey Bellin
97 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2011)

Overlitigating Corporate Fraud: An Empirical Examination
Jessica M. Erickson
97 Iowa L. Rev. 49 (2011)

Boumediene, Munaf, and the Supreme Court’s Misreading of the Insular Cases
Andrew Kent
97 Iowa L. Rev. 101 (2011)

The Elusive Goal of Impartiality
Debra Lyn Bassett & Rex R. Perschbacher
97 Iowa L. Rev. 181 (2011)


The New Direction of American Trust Law
Thomas P. Gallanis
97 Iowa L. Rev. 215 (2011)


Election 2010: The Loophole Created by 11 C.F.R. § 104.20(c)(9) and Citizens United and the Ineffectiveness of the Campaign-Finance-Law Framework in Iowa
Brian P. Flaherty
97 Iowa L. Rev. 239 (2011)

Avoiding Not-So-Harmless Errors: The Appropriate Standards for Appellate Review of Willful-Blindness Jury Instructions
Justin C. From
97 Iowa L. Rev. 275 (2011)

Keep Closed Containers Closed: Resolving the Circuit Split in Favor of Individual Privacy
Brian D. Jones
97 Iowa L. Rev. 303 (2011)

Bloggers with Shields: Reconciling the Blogosphere’s Intrinsic Editorial Process with Traditional Concepts of Media Accountability
Benjamin J. Wischnowski
97 Iowa L. Rev. 327 (2011)

96-5 (July 2011)

Iowa Law Review 2011 Symposium

The Future of Legal Education

Gail B. Agrawal
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1449 (2011)

Keynote Speech: Reimagining Law Schools?
Erwin Chemerinsky
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1461 (2011)

Accreditation Reconsidered
Judith Areen
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1471 (2011)

Should Law-School Applications Include a Warning Label?
The Honorable David L. Baker
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1495 (2011)

On Becoming a Lawyer
Joel W. Barrows
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1511 (2011)

The Architecture of Accreditation
Jay Conison
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1515 (2011)

What Will Our Future Look Like and How Will We Respond?
Michael A. Fitts
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1539 (2011)

The Importance of Student and Faculty Diversity in Law Schools: One Dean’s Perspective
Kevin R. Johnson
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1549 (2011)

The Viability of the Law Degree: Cost, Value, and Intrinsic Worth
Richard A. Matasar
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1579 (2011)

The Value of a Law Degree
Dean Cynthia E. Nance
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1629 (2011)

Practicing Theory: Legal Education for the Twenty-First Century
Larry E. Ribstein
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1649 (2011)

Seven Principles: Increasing Access to Law School Among Students of Color
Catherine E. Smith
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1677 (2011)

Training the Whole Lawyer
Deanell Reece Tacha
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1699 (2011)

Best Practices for Hiring and Retaining a Diverse Law Faculty
Kellye Y. Testy
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1707 (2011)


Standing in the Wake of the Foreclosure Crisis: Why Procedural Requirements Are Necessary To Prevent Further Loss to Homeowners
Timothy A. Froehle
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1719 (2011)

Not Always the World’s Shortest Editorial: Why Credit-Rating-Agency Speech Is Sometimes Professional Speech
Jonathan W. Heggen
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1745 (2011)

University-Funded Discrimination: Unresolved Issues After the Supreme Court’s “Resolution” of the Circuit Split on University Funding for Discriminatory Organizations
Jennifer J. Hennessy
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1767 (2011)

Taking the Lead on Cyberbullying: Why Schools Can and Should Protect Students Online
Darcy K. Lane
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1791 (2011)

96-4 (May 2011)


Password Protected? Can a Password Save Your Cell Phone from a Search Incident to Arrest?
Adam M. Gershowitz
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1125 (2011)

A New Legal Theory to Test Executive Pay: Contractual Unconscionability
Lawrence A. Cunningham
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1177 (2011)

Rodrigo’s Reconsideration: Intersectionality and the Future of Critical Race Theory
Richard Delgado
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1247 (2011)

Citizenship and Worldwide Taxation: Citizenship as an Administrable Proxy for Domicile
Edward A. Zelinsky
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1289 (2011)


The Future of Manifest Disregard As a Valid Ground for Vacating Arbitration Awards in Light of the Supreme Court’s Ruling in Hall Street Associates, L.L.C. v. Mattel, Inc.
Ann C. Gronlund
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1351 (2011)

Beyond a Carcieri Fix: The Need for Broader Reform of the Land-into-Trust Process of the Indian Reorganization Act of 1934
Amanda D. Hettler
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1377 (2011)

Rule 15: A Limited Safety Net for 12(b)(6) Dismissal After Iqbal
Thomas A. Reuland
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1403 (2011)

Reconciling the Terms and Spirit of the Law: Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives and the FLSA Outside-Sales Exemption
Bryan D. Sullivan
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1429 (2011)

96-3 (March 2011)


Striking a Balance: When Should Trade-Secret Law Shield Disclosures to the Government?
Elizabeth A. Rowe
96 Iowa L. Rev. 791 (2011)

Is Integration a Discriminatory Purpose?
Michelle Adams
96 Iowa L. Rev. 837 (2011)

The Grantor Trust Rules Should Be Repealed
Mark L. Ascher
96 Iowa L. Rev. 885 (2011)

Winning Through Losing
Douglas NeJaime
96 Iowa L. Rev. 941 (2011)


Through the Tiers: Are Iowa’s New Sex-Offender Laws Unconstitutional?
Jacquelyn M. Meirick
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1013 (2011)

Prepayment Premiums: Contracting for Future Financial Stability in the Commercial Lending Market
Megan W. Murray
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1037 (2011)

The Broad Reach of Civil RICO: Analyzing Plaintiffs’ Claims for Employer Violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act
Carolyn A. Mutrux
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1079 (2011)

Questioning the Supremacy of the Supreme Court: Hernandez-Carrera v. Carlson and the Tenth Circuit’s Justification for Indefinite Detention Under the Brand X Framework
Brandon L. Phillips
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1099 (2011)

96-2 (January 2011)


The Coercion of Trafficked Workers
Kathleen Kim
96 Iowa L. Rev. 409 (2011)

IP Misuse as Foreclosure
Christina Bohannan
96 Iowa L. Rev. 475 (2011)

Consent to Retaliation: A Civil Recourse Theory of Contractual Liability
Nathan B. Oman
96 Iowa L. Rev. 529 (2011)

Automation and the Fourth Amendment
Matthew Tokson
96 Iowa L. Rev. 581 (2011)


No Middle Ground? Reflections on the Citizens United Decision
Randall P. Bezanson
96 Iowa L. Rev. 649 (2011)


(Potentially) Resolving the Ever-Present Debate over Whether Noncitizens in Removal Proceedings Have a Due-Process Right to Effective Assistance of Counsel
Walter S. Gindin
96 Iowa L. Rev. 669 (2011)

Princo, Patent Pools, and the Risk of Foreclosure: A Framework for Assessing Misuse
Phillip W. Goter
96 Iowa L. Rev. 699 (2011)

Holden Caulfield Grows Up: Salinger v. Colting, the Promotion-of-Progress Requirement, and Market Failure in a Derivative-Works Regime
John M. Newman
96 Iowa L. Rev. 737 (2011)

Is Senator Grassley Our Savior?: The Crusade Against “Charitable” Hospitals Attacking Patients for Unpaid Bills
Amanda W. Thai
96 Iowa L. Rev. 761 (2011)

96-1 (December 2010)


Real Copyright Reform
Jessica Litman
96 Iowa L. Rev. 1 (2010)

Policy Reversal on Reverse Payments: Why Courts Should Not Follow the New DOJ Position on Reverse-Payment Settlements of Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation
Henry N. Butler & Jeffrey Paul Jarosch
96 Iowa L. Rev. 57 (2010)

The Uneasy Case for the Inside Director
Lisa M. Fairfax
96 Iowa L. Rev. 127 (2010)

Judging Myopia in Hindsight: Bivens Actions, National Security Decisions, and the Rule of Law
Peter Margulies
96 Iowa L. Rev.195 (2010)

Tort Liability and the Original Meaning of the Freedom of Speech, Press, and Petition
Eugene Volokh
96 Iowa L. Rev.249 (2010)


Automobile Bankruptcies, Retiree Benefits, and the Futility of Springing Priorities in Chapter 11 Reorganizations
Daniel Keating
96 Iowa L. Rev. 261 (2010)


Out-of-State Civil Unions in Iowa After Varnum v. Brien: Why the State of Iowa Should Recognize Civil Unions as Marriages
Drew A. Cumings-Peterson
96 Iowa L. Rev. 297 (2010)

Al-Kidd v. Ashcroft: Clearly Established Confusion
James E. Mosimann
96 Iowa L. Rev. 331 (2010)

Sexting: How the State Can Prevent a Moment of Indiscretion from Leading to a Lifetime of Unintended Consequences for Minors and Young Adults
Elizabeth M. Ryan
96 Iowa L. Rev. 357 (2010)

The FLSA Antiretaliation Provision: Defining the Outer Contours of What Constitutes an Employee Complaint
Erin M. Snider
96 Iowa L. Rev. 385 (2010)

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