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Student Note Cited in Treatise on Unfair Competition

Phillip Goter’s Issue 96-2 note, Princo, Patent Pools, and the Risk of Foreclosure: A Framework for Assessing Misuse, was recently cited in 1 Louis Altman & Malla Pollack, Callman on Unfair Competition, Trademarks & Monopolies § 4:56 (4th ed. 2011).

Student Note Recognized in Iowa City Press Citizen

Benjamin Wischnowski’s Issue 97-1 note, Bloggers with Shields: Reconciling the Blogosphere’s Intrinsic Editorial Process with Traditional Concepts of Media Accountability, was recognized and discussed in the Iowa City Press Citizen.

Article and Student Note Recognized on ImmigrationProf Blog

Jenny Roberts’s Issue 95-1 article, Ignorance Is Effectively Bliss: Collateral Consequences, Silence, and Misinformation in the Guilty-Plea Process, and Cassie Peterson’s Issue 95-1 note, An Iowa Immigration Raid Leads to Unprecedented Criminal Consequences: Why ICE Should Rethink the Postville Model, were recognized on the ImmigrationProf Blog.

Student Note Recognized on TaxProf Blog

Lindsay McAfee’s Issue 95-1 note, Making Taxes More Certain: Iowa State Legislators’ Guide to Combined Reporting, was recognized on the TaxProf Blog.

Student Note Cited in Varnum v. Brien

Volume 94 Senior Note & Comment Editor Steve Wieland’s student note, Gambling, Greyhounds, and Gay Marriage: How the Iowa Supreme Court Can Use the Rational-Basis Test to Address Varnum v. Brien, was cited by the Iowa Supreme Court in its landmark decision Varnum v. Brien, 763 N.W.2d 862, 879 n.7 (Iowa 2009) (p. 21 of the linked PDF file).

Iowa Law Review Now on Twitter

You can now follow the Iowa Law Review on Twitter (user name IowaLawReview). Following the journal will keep you up to date on the latest articles and notes published in the Iowa Law Review, as well as the latest essays published in the journal’s online companion, the Iowa Law Review Bulletin. Our Twitter followers will also receive routine “tweets” with announcements and other messages related to the activities of the Iowa Law Review.

Iowa Law Review Ranked #12 on ExpressO

The Iowa Law Review ranked #12 for the number of manuscripts submitted to ExpressO seeking publication in 2006.

Distinguished Alumni Award

Created by the Volume 91 Editorial Board in 2005, the Distinguished Alumni Award recognizes former members of the Iowa Law Review for outstanding personal and professional achievement. The Award was designed to connect the present and past members of the Iowa Law Review; to inspire all members, by example, to believe in their own personal and professional potential; and to honor one of our predecessors who has contributed uniquely to the field of law and beyond.

The Award is presented annually by the current Editorial Board at the Law Review’s Annual Banquet. If you would like to nominate a former Editor or Student Writer of the Iowa Law Review for the Distinguished Alumni Award, please send your nomination to

Previous Distinguished Alumni Award winners include:

  • Volume 91: Randall P. Bezanson, Vol. 56 Editor in Chief, current Professor of Law at the University of Iowa

  • Volume 92: The Honorable Ronald E. Longstaff, Vol. 50 Comment Editor, Senior District Judge for the Southern District of Iowa

  • Volume 93: The Honorable Jerry L. Larson, Vol. 50 Editor, Iowa Supreme Court Justice

  • Volume 94: John J. Bouma, Vol. 45 Editor in Chief, Chairman at Snell & Wilmer LLP

  • Volume 95: Elizabeth Orr Shaw, Vol. 33 Editor, Former Iowa State Legislator and Assistant Minority Leader

  • Volume 96: Charlotte Hubbell, Vol. 61 Note and Comment Editor, Former Chair of the Environmental Protection Commission

  • Volume 97: The Honorable Marsha Bergan, Vol. 62 Note and Comment Editor, Iowa District Court Judge for the Sixth District of Iowa.

  • Volume 98: The Honorable Charles R. Wolle, Vol. 46 Note and Comment Editor, Senior United States District Judge for the Southern District of Iowa.