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The University of Iowa is a leading economic engine for the state of Iowa. It employs Iowans by the tens of thousands, draws billions of dollars from out of state, and partners with a cross-section of Iowa businesses. It’s a solid investment for Iowa.
In fall 2009, the University contracted the firm Tripp Umbach to chart its annual impact on the Iowa economy. Using fiscal 2009 data and information from its national databases, Tripp Umbach assessed both direct and indirect impact—the dollars that flow from the University to businesses and individuals, and the way these dollars ripple through the economy. Among their findings:

Economic impact statistics

The University’s total impact of approximately $6 billion includes $2.6 billion in direct expenditures on goods and services, and another $3.4 billion on indirect or induced spending. Based on these figures, The University of Iowa supports $1 of every $30 in the Iowa economy.
This site offers more information about various ways the University helps build an economically stronger Iowa.