Program Requirements for Individualized Plan of Study

Plan of Study

Students must submit a Plan of Study to the Advisory Committee before declaring an Interdepartmental Studies major.  Interested students should schedule an appointment with the program's Academic Coordinator.  The Coordinator will explain the Plan of Study review process, discuss the creation of an individualized program related to the student's academic goals, and, if requested, review plans of study in draft form before submission to the Advisory Committee. 

The Plan of Study includes a list of advanced-level courses that make up the core of the student's plan, and a narrative that explains how and why these courses constitute a focused academic program.  The student is also required to include a transcript of his or her college coursework to date.

The Advisory Committee may reject a Plan of Study if it determines that the student's interests are better met through a traditional major, if the plan is not cohesive and articulate, or if the courses proposed would be unavailable or inappropriate.

The Advisory Committee may encourage a revision, and the revised plan may be submitted a second time.

The earlier in a student's academic career a Plan of Study is submitted, the more effective the student's program.  Students must complete a minimum of 24 sh after the semester in which the Plan of Study is approved.  This requirement encourages students to enter the program well before their senior year.

The Advisory Committee reviews plans of study once each semester.  (See deadlines)  Please consult the Academic Coordinator for the required forms and procedure guidelines.

Students must complete 36 semester hours of advanced major coursework at The University of Iowa. Advanced-level courses are defined as 100-level or higher.  Some departments offer courses numbered below 100 that are defined as "advanced" for purposes of the major in Interdepartmental Studies.  Please consult the Academic Coordinator for more information.

No more than 18 of the 36 semester hours may come from a single department. Students are encouraged to draw upon more than two departments for their coursework.

Students are encouraged to list several alternative courses within a given theme area.  These may be needed in case the student has difficulty getting into a planned course.

Courses taken to satisfy requirements in the General Education Program may not be counted toward completion of the advanced-level coursework requirement.


For Individualized Plan of Study Advisement:
158 Schaeffer Hall
(319) 335-2065
Academic Coordinator: Andy Tinkham