The University of Iowa School of Art & Art History Intermedia Spring 2006 Open House

ON the eve of "SPACE," the fall 2006 Intermedia Graduate Open House, we are delighted to publish a catalog of last spring's event. Note the v.0.9a designation of the catalog.

The catalog launches our Intermedia online electronic publishing initiative, a collaboration with the Virtual Writing University Experimental Wing.

Unlike baseball games, electronic publications 'ain't over' _even_ after they are over, We anticipate revisions, added hypertext links and enhanced technological features to the catalog in the future, This catalog is a space of active development.

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Introductory Notes I
"TIME," the Spring 2006 Intermedia Graduate House Catalog
[v. 0.9a Release Notes ]

Equal parts Science Fair, Beaux Arts ball and new media exhibition,
Graduate Open House showcases both Interermedia's creative efforts and its community-building initiative.

Students from Cinema & Comparative Literature, and the School of Art & Art History's Sculpture and Printmaking Areas joined Interemedia grads for the 2006 Spring semester edition of our semi-annual Open House. The Moving Crew, Iowa City's brilliant cultural animation collaboration, also contributed to a spirited and smart event.

Consistent with past Open Houses, the work presented reflects a broad range of research interests and approaches. Video, both in traditional 'single channel' form, viewed in our makeshift screening room, and as an element in installations, underscores Interemdia's commitment to time-based media research, as well as performance, in traditional theater configuration [one complete with a proscenium stage, curtain and backdrop] and in immersive, interactive environments. At first glance, the on-the-wall and sculpture artworks may appear static, but ultimately suggest embedded, performance potential.

At the core of the event and the work is an unbounded enthusiasm for a creative practice that favors process over product; a celebration of dynamic exchange between artist and viewer, and a fierce dedication to experimentation in the conceptual tradition of the best of the Avant Garde.

Quoting Barrett Watten, recent lecturer in our Interemdia|New Media
series: "The train is continually reinventing the station." Spring 2006 Open House provides strong evidence that there are limitless creative destinations ahead for this talented group of artists.

Open House would not be possible without the dedication and tireless efforts of Interemedia staff. Heartfelt thanks to Steven Strait, Area Technical Manager; Michael Peter, Graduate TA and Open House Coordinator; Matt Wagner and Kangying Guo, Research Assistants; and most of all, the participating artists.

We also thank The University of Iowa, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences School of Art & Art History, and Graduate College for their
support of Intermedia.

Jon Winet
November 2006

Introductory Notes II

Michael Ryan Peter

Intermedia Open House offers a spatial happening where our culture and aesthetics distill, intensify, and expand over the course of two hours on a Friday evening. The event literally overflows; spilling from Corridor 6 (Intermedia's current home) into the labyrinthine sprawl of the International Center. The energetic pacing and pitch of the event create a sense of synchronicity.

After all the last minute equipment glitches, scrambling for extension cords,crash course in cable adaptors, the doors open. What is revealed is not only an exhibition of the individual creativity of a few dozen artists, but a singular and complex multi-authored collaboration.

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