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The Division of Interdisciplinary Programs provides support for a number of interdisciplinary programs, in addition to serving as an incubator for the development of new programs that cross traditional boundaries. The programs offer a variety of courses, concentrations, and degree options, both majors and certificates. They involve faculty from the Division, as well as other departments and programs both within and outside the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. The Division programs include:

Course work toward a certificate in Aging, American Indian and Native Studies, Medieval Studies, Museum Studies, or Sexuality Studies could evolve into a major in Interdepartmental Studies (an alternative to planning an academic program outside traditional undergraduate majors).
Director Lauren Rabinovitz at convocation

The Division offers opportunities for students and faculty alike to approach and examine traditional disciplines from diverse points of view. Interdisciplinary studies complements a liberal arts and sciences education by providing a comprehensive exposure to integrative learning. By introducing methods, terminology, and purposes of more than one discipline, interdisciplinary courses engage students intellectually and enable them to bring multiple perspectives to bear in problem-solving. This learning experience provides students with skills to enhance their understanding of complex issues. Opportunity and knowledge go hand-in-hand. The breadth of an interdisciplinary education prepares students for a wide range of careers and professional endeavors in an ever-changing, increasingly complicated world.


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