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Ed on Campus members caught a glimpse into the lifestyle of magazine publishing from a handful of guest speakers.

C.J. Janovy, editor of Kansas City’s liberal alternative weekly publication The Pitch, was the speaker who led the discussion in October.

“I see a lot of packages from people who have done everything right in school,” Janovey said, “but, I look for raw talent.”

On top of that, Janovy told Ed on Campus that getting to know the city where they will work is a good way to get prepared for a job. “You will spend a lot of time building up a Rolodex, meeting new people and sourcing up, and it helps to get started early,” Janovy said.

The University of Iowa branch of Ed on Campus is one of many campus spin-offs of the national professional editors’ group, Ed 2010 out of New York City. Ed 2010 began when a group of young want-to-be editors started sharing experiences, resources and advice with one another to move up in the business.

Ed on Campus President Lisa Blum (senior, Carlisle, Pa.) hopes her experience with the group will help get her career off to a good start. “Being part of the group helps us learn a lot about all the behind-the-scenes stuff,” Blum said.

Member Kacey Larsen (sophomore, Fort Atkinson, Wis.) said a lot of what the group does focuses on resumé building and internships.

“The tips we get are just useful to have,” said Larsen. “This group is different because it is so focused on careers.”   

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