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Iowa Gallup Awards 2007

Marc Armstrong, Interim J-MC Director

David Schwartz, IHSPA Director

Professor Dan Berkowitz and his new role

Pam Creedon, beginning a new chapter

Iowa High School Press Association Convention 2007

Chelsea Cain, The New York Times' fiction bestseller

Kyle Munson, online entertainment editor

Alan Finder, education reporter

Megan Manfull Ortiz, sportswriter/NFL beat writer

"Power Documentary Screened at the J-MC School"

"You Be the Editor"

"Banned Book Reading"

On Iowa

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Harold Arkoff returns to UI campus after 55 years.
by Rob Wilkie
It’s homecoming weekend and alumni from around the country are traveling back to visit their alma mater. Harold Arkoff completed his B.A. in journalism in 1949 and earned his masters degree in advertising in 1950, but has not visited the UI campus since 1952. Fifty-five years of changes awaited his arrival...more

Journalism Students travel to Beijing, China
by Kelly Warren
Five J-MC school students traveled to Beiing, China recently to cover test events for the 2008 Summer Olympics where they will serve as media volunteers...more

Dottie Ray, 50 years in radio
by Lindsey Tinnell
With more than 25,000 interviews over a span of 49 years, Dottie Ray's radio talk show still airs every day for fifteen minutes, letting viewers in on a little slice of what's going on in the Iowa City area...more

Liz Mathis faces new Horizons.
by Kimn Swenson Gollnick
Above Liz Mathis' desk in her new office, a shelf holds A Concise History of the World, a poster of “Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas,” a sticky note reminder to “Get folders @ Staples,” A Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, and a printed list of agency goals...more

Student Groups
ED on Campus, by Tara Drake

NABJ, by Rachel Erb

PRSSA, by Jake Brus

SPJ - Woodward & Bernstein, by Rachel Erb
Professionals in Residence

Chelsea Cain, by Katie Goldensoph

Alan Finder, by Laura Fogelberg

Kyle Munson, by Amy Hansen

Megan Manfull Ortiz, by Tara Drake

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Notes from the Director

Fall 2007 IJ staff

IJ staff at work, visits Cedar Graphics

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