Ed on Campus is celebrating its first year as the only student organization in The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication focused on the magazine industry. But in April, an entirely new executive board will be elected for fall 2007.

“You must have near perfect attendance to have the ability to run,” Jennifer Morris, a senior from Des Moines, Iowa, and president of Ed on Campus said. “[Ed needs] someone who is invested in the group, has attended meetings and knows the industry.”

Ed founders, Heather Loeb, a December 2006 graduate from Mundelein, Ill., and Morris stress how important organization and time management skills are to being a successful leader. Dedication to advancing the group and ensuring meetings run smoothly is also part of the job description.

“Our main objective was to educate people about the magazine industry and make it easier for them to pursue their goals,” Loeb said. “Jennifer and I wanted to take our passion for the industry and find other people who felt the same way, and help them be as prepared as possible to get internships and jobs.”

At most, Morris dedicates two nights a week to Ed. Pushing aside her homework and other obligations to plan meetings, she sends e-mails to members and potential speakers. She has even taken on the grunt work—creating and hanging fliers for upcoming meetings.

Morris also updates Ed2010 (a group of young professional magazine editors who provide students with practical advice about editorial careers through the Ed on Campus university chapters) on the progress and activities of the UI J-MC School’s chapter.

“This semester I have really been trying to promote the group more and get members more acquainted with each other,” Morris said. “So much of this industry depends on networking, and therefore, I think it is important that members know one another.”

Morris organized a social for the members to interact with each other through an exchange of their favorite magazine. Members also designed T-shirts to further promote Ed around the UI campus.

Loeb is now a full-time intern at Men’s Health magazine for Rodale Press in Emmaus, Pa. Her position demonstrates what a positive résumé addition Ed can be for students interested in magazine journalism.

“Ed absolutely helped me get this job,” Loeb said. “I found the listing in a daily e-mail that Ed2010 sends out to members.”

She kept in touch with editors from past internships as well as those she has met through Ed, and stressed the importance of keeping contacts like these.

“Just an e-mail every now and then really helps keep you fresh in their minds and makes it easier if you want to approach them later,” she said.

There are two goals that Loeb and Morris hope Ed can accomplish in the future: establish a publication that will require more group involvement and provide members with clips, and a trip to New York City where members will have the opportunity to visit different magazines and hear from various editors working in the industry’s capital.

The founders of Ed on Campus leave with hopes that the student organization will progress beyond what they have helped it achieve so far.

“[Ed’s advancement] really depends on the passion of the members,” Loeb said. “It’s just a matter of continuing to grow and expand and learn more about what we want this group to be…more prominence will come with time and effort.”