Jennifer Hemmingsen, IAC

Journalism and Mass Communication Internship and Assessment Coordinator (IAC), Jennifer Hemmingsen, resigned in March after nearly two years of service. She left The University of Iowa to pursue the daily news aspect of her career. She now covers the police beat in Johnson and Washington, counties for The Gazette in Iowa City.

“Cops is my favorite [news] beat,” Hemmingsen said with a smile, referring to her new position.

Hemmingsen moved to Iowa City in 2002 to earn her Master’s Professional degree, which she completed in 2004. She then spent time as an adjunct instructor before joining the J-MC as IAC.

Working as IAC and Interim Assistant Editor for The Iowa Alumni Magazine, Hemmingsen had been looking for a local daily news position for some time.

“This was sort of handed to me on a plate,” she said, referring to the convenient proximity of the J-MC to The Gazette, located less than a block apart. The nearness allows her to remain in Iowa City, which is important to Hemmingsen, who has a school-age daughter.

While working for the J-MC Hemmingsen’s favorite part of the job was watching her students succeed. She also worked to create policy changes and bring the community together through programs such as Tuesday’s At Noon.

“It’s bittersweet,” Hemmingsen said of her departure from the UI, “I’ll definitely miss the students.”