Seung Min Kim checks her computer while co-editor Ray Mattson goes over the daily budget in the The Daily Iowan.

Starting at The Des Moines Register then The St. Petersburg Times in Florida and finally to the St. Paul Pioneer Press in Minnesota, Seung Min Kim, a senior political science and journalism and mass communication major, has had an impressive string of summer internships.

Born in South Korea, Kim has lived in Iowa City, Iowa since she moved here with her family at the age of six.

“Summer is a great opportunity to live somewhere else,” she said. “I just sent out a crap-load of applications; I didn’t care where I ended up.”

Kim said that while a person is young it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to drop everything and leave for a three-month internship.

“I just took the best offer,” she said while quickly whirling around in a chair to do some impromptu editing at her desk in The Daily Iowan newsroom. She said this before noting that very few people don’t have the ability to survive for three months in another state.

Kim is currently one of three metro editors that work at The DI in order to keep its pages running.

Kim highly values her experiences at The DI but “at some point you really have to learn from professionals,” she said while comparing herself to a small fish in a large pond. For her, working at such large newspapers has only reaffirmed her interest in newspaper journalism.

Kim seems very content with all three of her internships, noting that at the St. Paul Pioneer Press she was able to “really experiment with my writing.”

“It's cool to have that level of responsibility,” Kim said, explaining that she was relied on to pitch her own stories and cover seven suburbs around St. Paul, Minn. Kim still made it clear that no matter where she was sometimes interns get the jobs nobody else wants to do.

From the struggles of a corporation-owned newspaper to dealing with newsroom politics, Kim is proud she was able to learn different things from all of them.

What now for the busy newsroom editor? After graduating in May of 2007 Kim is off to Newark, New Jersey, for a year-long internship at The Star-Ledger.