Peter Rugg

Peter Rugg (B.A. 2007), recent graduate of The University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication, is sharpening his teeth as an editorial fellow at the Kansas City Pitch, a weekly news magazine focusing on local issues and events in Kansas City, MO.

Rugg initially heard about the fellowship position when a recruiter from The Pitch visited campus last fall. After submitting a package of clips and an interview with the magazine, he won the position of editorial fellow.

“The fellowship is primarily to train me magazine-style writing and reporting,” Rugg said. “I’m putting together feature stories and shorter pieces and pitching story ideas.”

Rugg, who spent his college days working at The Daily Iowan, said he prefers magazine writing to daily news writing.

“Daily news is often very constrained both in the style you write in and in how much time you can devote to one subject,: he said. “This offered more freedom to really dig into a story.”

According to Rugg, the most valuable educational experience he had was outside of the classroom.

“You learn more getting out there and working,” Rugg said. “You learn more doing that than you’ll ever learn in class and, most importantly, you’ll get the clips necessary to land an internship, fellowship, or full-time job.”