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Professor takes giving alms
a step further

Built shortly after the abolition of slavery and known as one of the oldest frame buildings still standing in Iowa City, the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church (A.M.E.) is where journalism Professor Venise Berry devotes much of her time.


As an active member of Bethel for more than 15 years, Berry is a choir member, a trustee and the co-chair of the Building Fundraising Committee. She writes weekly bulletins, makes presentations, coordinates fundraising benefits, including selling cookbooks and engraved bricks.

Giving Back to the Church Taking on an active role in fundraising, Berry devotes a large portion of her time to the Bethel church. Photo by Adrienne Klopfenstein

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Professor Stephen Bloom’s appointment as Bessie Dutton Murray Professional Scholar

Professor Stephen Bloom types "The Oxford Project" into his Google search bar.


"More than 500,000 hits," Bloom said. "I believe ["The Oxford Project"] has introduced a different way to look at journalism and how we view our surroundings."

Professor Stephen Bloom holds a seashell while doing work for his book, Tears of Mermaids: The Secret Story of Pearls, in French Polynesia. Photo by Stephen Bloom

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