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Choonghee Han: Miles
of journalism experiences

From South Korea to Iowa City Han serves as TA for both Social Scientific Foundations of Communication and Cultural and Historical Foundations of Communication classes. Photo by
Adrienne Klopfenstein

Choonghee Han (Ph.D. candidate, North Liberty, Iowa) brings many years and many more miles of journalism experience to The University of Iowa, and that time and space has allowed Han to form the philosophy on journalism education he imparts on UI students today.

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Stephen Grant: Giving voice
to the voicesless

Giving voice to the voiceless has helped Stephen Grant (MAP candidate, Iowa City, Iowa) find his own voice.

"The Invisible" When not teaching, Grant works on his master’s project on anti-gay hate crimes. Photo by Nawaar Farooq

Grant works for Iowa Public Radio as a graduate intern, where he has worked for about four and a half years. In addition to his graduate studies, he is a teaching assistant at The University of Iowa. He taught First-Year Russian for two years and now leads discussions for Media and Consumers, a class taught by Professor Venise Berry.

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