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Getting the shot

It was the second inning of the game. The Houston Astros were playing the San Francisco Giants at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas, and Kazuo Matsui was on first base. Just as he broke to steal second, Julie Koehn (senior, Atkins, Iowa) snapped his picture.

Kazuo Matsui steals base

Perfect shot Julie Koehn's photo of Houston Astro Kazuo Matsui was featured on Photo contributed by Julie Koehn

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Director's Notes

Dr. Perlmutter

Hello, UIowa SJMC Alumni!

I am delighted to be writing to you as the School's new director!

I started June 22 and continue to be encouraged and excited by the challenges and opportunities that confront a modern school of journalism and mass communication.

Dr. David Perlmutter Director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication

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"OurBlook" Creedon teaches the Gender and Mass Media class which is currently working to make a collaborative Web site on about women in 21st century online press. Photo by Nawaar Farooq

When book meets blog

When a book and a blog join forces, a “blook” is born.

So what is a blook, exactly? defines it as “a Web site combining the dynamic online atmosphere of a blog with the researched, in-depth analysis of a book.”

Professor Pam Creedon and her Gender and Mass Media class received an opportunity to talk to OurBlook’s Communication Specialist and Production Manager Sandra Ordonez via a live Internet chat on Sept. 2 about their roles in the OurBlook project.

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Investor relations has
fertile future


Making a Point Sherwood "Woody" Wallace demonstrates that the ability to work with numbers is important to be successful in investor relations. Photo by Mahmoud Lutfi

As economists note the country rebounding from an economic recession, companies large and small are going to need help communicating with their investors to bring profits back up. Enter investor relations.

Investor relations, previously known as financial public relations, is a segment of the public relations field...

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Photos in name plate provided by Dan Williamson/Iowa City Press Citizen, Molly Burke, Mahmoud Lutfi and Ross Koppenhaver

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