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Creedon teaches the Gender and Mass Media class which is currently working to make a collaborative Web site on about women in 21st century online press. Photo by Nawaar Farooq

When book meets blog

When a book and a blog join forces, a “blook” is born.

So what is a blook, exactly? defines it as “a Web site combining the dynamic online atmosphere of a blog with the researched, in-depth analysis of a book.”

Professor Pam Creedon and her Gender and Mass Media class received an opportunity to talk to OurBlook’s Communication Specialist and Production Manager Sandra Ordonez via a live Internet chat on Sept. 2 about their roles in the OurBlook project.

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Victor Navasky brings a message
of free speech to China


Navasky said the same thing last year to a group of Chinese journalism professors, students, and top media executives in Beijing. At the 2008 World Media Summit, where he gave a keynote speech, he advocated for free press and expression. The speech was simultaneously interpreted to nearly 200 audience members at the conference without interference. After his speech, however, the moderator commented on the message by saying, very politely, that different societies have different perspectives.

Public Reception Ida Beam visiting distinguished professor Victor Navasky speaks with guests in the Adler rotunda prior to his public talk. Photo by David McNace

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