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Faculty Notes

Professor Julie Andsager is working on a book entitled “Medicine and Media: Communicating Health Through News and Entertainment” with Blackwell Publishing.

Professor Dan Berkowitz is working on a book entitled “Terrorism & Media: Thinking Critically About News and Popular Culture” with Blackwell Publications. In press for March 2010 is “Cultural Meanings of News: A text-reader.” Edited reader with original conceptual introduction and chapter overviews with Sage Publications. A companion volume to Social Meanings of News.

Associate Professor Stephen Berry initiated plans for the 2010 launch of The Iowa Center for Public Affairs Journalism, an independent, non-profit news organization and is conducting research for a book manuscript, “White Southern Liberal Editors in the Civil Rights Movement.”

Associate Professor Venise Berry and Vanessa Shelton wrote a journal article, “Watching Music: Interpretations of Visual Music.” Berry also contributed a book chapter, Pockets of Sanity, in “From Bougeious to Boojie: Black Middle-Class Performance.”

Professor Stephen Bloom released a chapter entitled “Can of Worms” in “Perspectives on Diversity: Selected Readings,” edited by Kent L. Koppelman. He is working on the development of an I-Phone application, in cooperation with Mobile-Pond Technologies, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, marketed for June 2010 in his collaboration, “The Oxford Project”

Professor Pam Creedon contributed book chapters to “The Edge of Change: Women in the 21st Century Press.” Champaign, Ill: University of Illinois Press.

Associate Professor Frank Durham is working on “Framing in the new media environment: The Fox News Channel covers the Bristol Palin pregnancy,” co-authored with Hye-Jin Lee (Ph.D. candidate, Daejon, Korea) which has been submitted to Journalism Studies for review March 2010. He is also in process of writing a book proposal, “Defining the Mainstream: A Critical New Reader.”Co-authored with Dr. Thomas Oates of Northern Illinois University.

Associate Professor Meenakshi “Gigi” Durham presented “Confronting the Lolita Effect” at the Motorola Lecture on Gender and the Media in the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Michigan January 28. Durham contributed a chapter, “The audience in the graduate curriculum: Training future scholars” in R. Paramesawarn (Ed.), Audience Studies.

Associate Professor Lyombe Eko contributed an article to the Journal of Media Law and Ethics entitled “Suffer the Virtual Little Children: The European Union, the United States, and International Regulation of Child Pornography.” He also contributed “Le Monde, French Secular Republicanism and the Mohammad Cartoons Affair: Journalistic “Representation” of the Sacred Right to Offend” to The International Communication Gazette.

Professor John Kimmich-Javiersubmitted the following books for publication: “El Nido Del Buitre” and “From the Silence to the Light: A Visual Journey through Swedish Architecture and Interiors” to Byggforlagel Publishers. He also published “Los San Fermines.”

Associate Professor Donald McLeesecommissioned a 1,500- word feature profile, “Soul Mates: Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe,” to the Chicago Tribune Sunday Arts and Entertainment, January 17, and a 500-word essay, “Fact vs. Fiction...,” to Kirkus Reviews January 15.

Professor and Director David D. Perlmutter has a forthcoming book entitled “Promotion and Tenure Confidential: The People, Politics and Philosophy of Career Advancement in Academia.” Harvard University Press. He wrote on two articles for the Chronicle of Higher Education: “Professionalize Promotion and Tenure” as well as “Overdoing it in the Hiring Process.”

Professor Judy Polumbaum has a book chapter in progress, “Itching the scratches on our minds: College students read and re-evaluate China” for a book on China’s national image edited by Jay Wang, as well as an article, “For the record: Sports on Page One in The New York Times.”

Associate Professor Jane Singer was the winner of the Future of Journalism essay contest in 2009 by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) for an essay titled “Bird’s-Eye View.” Singer also was the top research paper award winner by the AEJMC’s Newspaper Division at the 2009 national convention in Boston, Mass.

Associate Professor Sujatha Sosale contributed a book chapter to the International Communication Gazette titled “Rallying Around the Flag: Journalistic Constructions of a National Mediascape in a Global Era.” A forthcoming chapter with Adjunct Lecturer Charles Munro entitiled “Defining the Local: A Study of BBC News in Northern Ireland” was accepted in April 2009 in Television Formats Worldwide: Localising Global Programs.

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