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Searching No More

Students create new publication to assist job and internship seekers

Planning a Publication Olsen (right) and Larson (left) discuss ideas for the new guide

For many J-MC students, snagging the perfect job or internship is a priority. But often, it takes more hours and know-how than the average journalism major has time to acquire. That's where Morgan Olsen (senior, Bayside, Wis.) and Cristina Larson (senior, Chicago, Ill.) step in.

The pair teamed up to publish a new 24 page career and internship guide to be printed and distributed in May. Geared towards assisting current students "looking to advance their professional career," the guide aims to provide "great information" and "opportunities," according to a mission statement.

"It's adding a bit of a personal edge to what people have done in the past," Larson said.

Olsen elaborated, noting that it customizes resources to young journalism students. "It's not advice on how to get your second job, or tips on resume formatting for business majors."

Simply, it's answers to what you want to know. How can I stand out in radio? What exactly is freelancing, and how can I make it work for me? What can I really do with a journalism degree?

As Olsen explains, the comprehensive wealth of information is "something you won't find by Googling."

Current co-presidents of the Society of Professional Journalists, Olsen and Larson are heading up the publication's development along with designer Amy Porter-Adams (senior, Coralville, Iowa).

The guide involves extensive communication with alumni, profiling those who now have interesting and promising professions. More than that, it allows students to "get in the know" and create their own unique recipe for success.

And that's not to mention the opportunity it provides for honing publication skills. J-MC majors were encouraged to become involved in any or all aspects of the guide, including writing, copyediting, marketing and design. The hope is that each participant will come out with both a wider knowledge base and clips for their portfolios.

"We're offering invaluable resources to students looking for jobs," Olsen said.

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