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You Be the Editor: Panel Members React to Ethical Scenarios

Editorial Ethics Lyle Muller, Joan Kjaer and Connie Champion consider ethical dilemmas for journalists (left to right)

As a journalist, what if a mayoral candidate revealed some information to you “off the record” that could make or break a campaign?

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Searching No More

Students create new publication to assist job and internship seekers

Planning a Publication Olsen (right) and Larson (left) discuss ideas for the new guide

For many J-MC students, snagging the perfect job or internship is a priority. But often, it takes more hours and know-how than the average journalism major has time to acquire. That's where Morgan Olsen (senior, Bayside, Wis.) and Cristina Larson (senior, Chicago, Ill.) step in.

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Iowa Moves Forward in Public Affairs

A graduate student and a professor band together to form Iowa Watch

Citizens and journalists of Iowa will soon boast a new outlet for in-depth and explanatory public affairs journalism.

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