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Planning and Negotiating Stewart discusses ideas for an upcoming issue of The Daily Iowan with staff members

Daily Iowan Names Stewart 2010-2011 Editor

He thought he wanted to be a chef. But for Brian Stewart (junior, Iowa City, Iowa), an even larger opportunity was cooking. Three years after setting foot in The Daily Iowan newsroom, Stewart is slated to be its next editor.

"I'm confident," he said of his 2010-2011 academic-year appointment. "I have a lot of great ideas for improvement."

Vanessa Shelton has no doubt. The UI adjunct assistant professor and former director of the Iowa High School Press Association has witnessed his creative spirit firsthand. She was present at Stewart's "marriage ceremony," a celebratory union he organized between newspaper staffers and their publication at his high school.

"He's always been innovative," Shelton said. "I'm excited to see what he's going to do next."

Proud of his position Brian Stewart poses with a faux copy of The Daily Iowan near the newsroom

While Stewart doesn't have post graduation plans quite yet, he does have ideas about The Daily Iowan's future. "We're working on being the best newspaper in Iowa City," he said. "That means in-depth stories, multifaceted coverage, and an increase in media convergence training [for student staff]."

Stewart will assume his new editorial duties this summer. In the meantime, he continues to head up the newspaper's metro section and reminisce about food. "I was this close to going to culinary school," he said.

And though Stewart now spends a majority of time serving up stories rather than cuisine, he still has room on his plate for cooking. "I love to make lobster stuffed steak," he said. "It's really delicious."

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