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Ed on Campus Provides Future Success

Abby Harvey used Ed on Campus as a resource to advance her career in the magazine industry

Members of the student organization Ed on Campus, a subset of Ed2010, a community of young people trying to break into the magazine industry, boast many success stories.

One former member, Abby Harvey (B.A. 2008), said that Ed on Campus helped her realize the importance of networking and internships.

“You undoubtedly meet people when joining these types of groups,” Harvey said. “If you maintain and grow these relationships, it's going to help you get a job or gain partnerships down the road.”

Ed on Campus at Work Harvey works alongside a co-worker to complete a task

A current member, Morgan Olsen (senior, Bayside Wis.) agrees with Harvey’s point. Through, Olsen found at internship at Marie Claire.

“I've found myself networking with fellow members as well as speakers,” Olsen said. “Student organizations like Ed on Campus offer so much to students whether it's friendly advice between students or a contact for a possible job or internship.”

Harvey joined Ed on Campus as soon as she entered the School of Journalism and Mass Communication and knew she wanted to be involved with media and specifically the magazine industry.

“The magazine industry is a glamorous, revered and slightly feared industry, a combination that simply cannot be uninteresting,” Harvey said.

Since completing journalism and English degrees at The University of Iowa, Harvey went on earn a Certificate in Publishing from the University of Denver’s Publishing Institute. As a professional, she has integrated into the magazine and social media industries.

She worked as an editorial assistant at Meredith Corporation, as a fashion intern at Glamour magazine in New York City and as an editorial intern for August Home Publishing Company.

New opportunities have now changed the path of Harvey’s career. She left the magazine industry behind to become an analyst for Catchfire Media, a social media strategy and consulting firm that works with both big and small businesses and organizations.

Although it was difficult for Harvey to move away from magazine production, she said the skills she is learning about social media are invaluable, “especially as magazines are, frankly, scrambling for strategies to implement their content online, on the iPad and on other mobile devices, in various capacities.”

Harvey continues to follow Ed2010 on and enjoys getting news and updates. She encourages current journalism students to join Ed on Campus and hopes the organization will welcome more mobile, web and iPad focused content in the future because, “this is truly the direction things are headed for in the publishing world.”

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