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New Face Brings New Taste

Julian Gonzalez (East Chicago, Ind.) is only a pre-journalism major, and is already a member of the National Association of Black Journalists Chapter (NABJ) at Iowa.

Gonzalez seemed to embark on a land of opportunities when he came to Iowa. He wanted to go out of state for college, but the finances were obstacles to overcome. Once Iowa gave him the aid he needed, he leapt at the opportunity, and found himself to be a freshman in Fall 2009.

Breaking the mold Gonzalez hopes to expand NABJ to a wider audience

And when J-MC School Associate Professor Venise Berry offered him the opportunity to write for the student organization’s newsletter, NURU, he jumped at that opportunity as well.

Impressive enough, even though Gonzalez has not had the opportunity to publish anything yet, he is currently working on a story (set to come out at the end of the semester) different from the publication’s main focus: “To expand and balance the media’s coverage of the Black community and Black experience,” according to one of its constitution’s many outlined aspects of the purpose on its website.

He is writing a story on the need for improvement within the Hispanic student community on campus.

“It's pretty much about what the university can do to ensure that Hispanics on campus don't feel so out of place,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez joined NABJ because he knew it would spark his journalism career and ultimately help him get into the J-MC School. He said that even though he has only been part of NABJ for approximately two semesters, he has benefitted tremendously.

For Gonzalez, it has given him “some opportunities to meet different people and make connections that can help me do what I want to do in journalism”.

Gonzalez has been able to join, write and break the mold for a wider audience with NABJ. Perhaps it is NABJ that has benefitted from him.

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