2002 Midlands Conference
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November 10 & 11, 2002


Dr. John Rapley

Chairman: Department of Periodontics

University of Missouri Kansas City

University Holiday Inn

1800 50th Street

West Des Moines, Iowa





Dr. Deena Kuempel
1909 51st NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

email: drperio@aol.com

Vice President:

Dr. Truman C. Johnson
2222 Johnson Ave. NW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52405
email: Trumanj@earthlink.net


Guy O. Bilek, DDS, MS
4090 Westown Parkway, Suite A5
West Des Moines, IA 50262-1074

email: GBilek@aol.com


Glenn I. Maze, DDS
Rm S456 DSB
University of Iowa College of Dentistry
Iowa City, IA 52242-1001
319-335-7238/ Fax 319-335-7239


Vice President-Elect:

George A.Robeson III DMD, MS
4090 Westown Parkway Ste A4
West Des Moines, IA 50266-1074



The Iowa Society of Periodontology (ISP)was founded (1971) to promote the recognition and management of periodontal disease of the citizens of Iowa. The Society's mission is to:

  • educate and motivate members to advance the practice of periodontics in their communities, district and state
  • inform dental practitioners of recent research and clinical practice knowledge
  • promote periodontal health care through organized dentistry and legislative means
  • inform the public of periodontal disease as it relates to tooth loss and systemic health

  • History:

    The Iowa Society of Periodontology was founded in 1971. A steering committee consisting of Drs. C. Mahlon Fraleigh, Philip A. Lainson, Steven H. Cooper, William Rotton, Robert Burns, Dr. Larry Nash, and Nhak Hee Kim met at the Iowa City University Athletic Club and to write by-laws and elect the first Iowa Society of Periodontology president---Dr. Steven H. Cooper, Davenport, Iowa.

    Initial ISP goals included dissemination of periodontal diagnostic and therapeutic strategies to Iowa general practitioners and dental hygienists. The ISP members have presented education programs and sponsored lectures and conferences given by national and international periodontal experts. Early ISP projects included periodontal and blood pressure screening examinations for attendees of the Iowa Dental Association Annual meeting. Spring and fall continuing education programs by members of the society evolved into a major Midwest periodontal conference, the Midlands Periodontal Conference. Sponsorship of this conference alternates each November between the Iowa and Nebraska Societies of Periodontology. The Midlands Periodontal Conference and other society programs have drawn internationally respected periodontal experts including: Drs. Jan L. Lindhe, Roy C. Page, Jan H. Egelberg, Raymond A. Yukna, Edward P. Allen, Kenneth C. Kornman, Jay S. Siebert, William J. Killoy, Robert G. Schallhorn, Terry D. Rees, Charles English, Robert M. Pick, J. Bernard Kieser, Greg Seymour, Roland M. Meffert, Anna and Gordon Pattison, Michael J. McDevitt, Joan Otomo-Corgel, Frank Serio

    In 2001, the Iowa Society of Periodontology celebrated its 30th anniversary. Many early members remain active and supportive of the ISP's leadership in the advancement of periodontal disease management. With Periodontists placing dental implants, regenerating loss tissues and managing interrelationships of periodontal and systemic disease, the role of Iowa Society of Periodontology educating the dental professionals of Iowa will continue to advance periodontal therapeutic knowledge.

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