Thank you Barb!


Barb Peterman has served the Iowa Society of Periodontology as Executive Secretary since 1981. Wow! 20 years of service! Barb has been invaluable in keeping our organization on track and in handling the details of the Midlands Periodontal Conference. In addition to ISP duties, she has worked as full time dental hygienist for Drs. Gary Amerman and George Robeson, West Des Moines, Iowa. Without Barb’s help, the ISP would not have been able to successfully accomplish its programs and projects. Barb has officially stepped down from her position effective January 1, 2001. She can now focus on supporting her team---the Iowa State Cyclones. We appreciate all you have done Barb, and will greatly miss your dedication, knowledge and smiling face! Again THANKS!





Annual Business Meeting:  May 6, 2001; 8:00 a.m.

The Iowa Society of Periodontology will meet as in past years at the Valley West Inn, 3535 Westown Parkway, West Des Moines, IA; Sunday, May 6, 2001, 8:00 a.m. A breakfast buffet will be provided. An agenda and copy of the revised Bylaws will be sent to you in 2-3 weeks. Dr. John Kobs, 4th AAP District Trustee will make his way to Des Moines, from Holland Michigan to address our group. I hope we have as good a turnout as last year. Be thinking about agenda items.

Executive Secretary candidates.

Speaker, site and dates of 24th Midlands conference

Fall ISP gathering

Bylaws approval



Members List 2000-2001:

Gary Amerman; Guy Bilek; Mark Bell; Dan Bolgren; Tim Bockenstedt; Steve Cooper; Jim Fili; Gene Fortman, Janet Guthmiller; Benny Hawkins; Bill Hollander; Georgia Johnson; Truman Johnson; Deena Kuempel; Al Kvidera; Phil Lainson; Glenn Maze; John Morgan; Shawn Reese; Rich Rodgers, George Robeson; Ann Romanowski; Dennis Rose


If your name is missing, you can rectify the problem by: 1) softly cussing and then telling us a mistake was made; 2) sending $100 to the ISP; 4090 Westown Pkwy, A-4; West Des Moines, IA 50266-1074. We have five MIAs from the 99-00 membership list and three never members. Grass root state societies are important to our specialty---keep up your support and encourage your colleagues.


Rewarding Research:

As in past years, the ISP has supported student periodontal research with cash awards for first and second place winners of the Iowa Section of the AADR. Janet Guthmiller mentored many of the periodontal research projects. judged poster and table clinic presentations with a periodontal thesis. Predoctoral winners were Paula Weistroffer, Radial Diffusion Assay: A technique assessing antimicrobial activity of mammalian cathelicidins and Deion Gilbert, Free Fatty Acids from Superficial Porcine Buccal Epithelium. Postdoctoral winners were Dr. John Bissell, Expression of HBD-1 and HBD-2 in Health and Periodontal Disease and Dr. Duane Weenig, Changes in Biological Indicators of Bone Loss in Subjects Undergoing Dental Implant Treatment. Former winners of the predoctoral competition have specialized in periodontics. We hope that will happen this year. If you know or meet these students, please congratulate them.



We have met in informal environs to relax and learn. Meeting sites have included Galena, Panora, Pella, and Amana. Sometimes we have had speakers or informal discussions and sometimes our meeting was totally social. This year we met in Amana and some of our members and a few Iowa perio grads beat the little white ball over hill and dale. A meal followed the fun and games. There were no broken windows or injuries so it can be said---Fun was had by all. The Emilie Rubright Best Dressed Award went to an even younger lady, Miss Katie Guthmiller. Congratulations Katie. When you become a periodontist and settle in Iowa, I hope you remember this award was the springboard to your success.


Midlands Recap

The 22nd MPC would not have been possible without the help of Drs. Bilek, Cooper, Amerman and Barb Peterman. Speaker, Dr. Joan Otomo, received several compliments about her presentation, particularly her lecture on treatment of the female patient.

Fiscal reports and attendance are as follows:











Registration Fees
















Corporate Booths ($350) ea.
















Corporate Sponsors
































Holiday Inn



































































ISP members












Perio Grads













Compared to previous Midlands, the number of dentists attending this conference has dropped below 10% while hygienist support remains around 65%. The ISP will need to assess future goals and directions given expenses (especially escalating honoraria), scheduling challenges and time commitments necessary to sponsor continuing education courses. A speaker for the 24th MPC needs to be scheduled soon. Please forward speaker suggestions or bring them to the Annual Meeting.


Nebraska Society of Periodontology will sponsor the 23rd MPC. The dates this year are Sunday November 11, 2001 all day and Monday November 12 in the morning. Dr. Frank Serio, Professor and Head of Department of Periodontics, the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, Mississippi will be the speaker. The topic will be “Periodontics: Where We’ve Been Where We’re Going.” Mark your calendars and plan on attending.










LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01                                    DR. SHAWN REESE

Shawn is our newest member of the ISP. Welcome Shawn! Dr. Reese is from Burlington, Wisconsin and earned his DDS from Marquette University in 1996. He received his masters and certificate in Periodontology at The University of Iowa in 1999. Shawn started his periodontal practice in Waterloo as an associate with Frank Wingrove and recently purchased the practice at 3434 Kimball Avenue; Waterloo, IA 50702.



LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01

                                    DR. JAMES FILI

James graduated from New York University College of Dentistry in 1990, going into private practice for four years. He received his masters degree and certificate in Periodontology from The University of Iowa 1997. He returned to New York in private practice until August, 2000. He returned to Iowa in September, 2000 and opened a private practice limited to Periodontics in Dubuque. Welcome James!








Your members have been hard at work (not really), discussing, pruning, reorganizing, etc. the ISP Constitution and Bylaws. The structure was dramatically changed to parallel the AAP Bylaws. Terms of office have been changed to fit the way it has been done in the past. Members will receive a copy in 2-3 weeks so discussion approval can be accomplished at the Annual Business Meeting May 6. Thanks to Benny, Deena, John, and Guy for their help in reviewing the Bylaws.


State Leadership Conference:


Guy Bilek and Glenn Maze represented the Iowa Society of Periodontology at the Leadership Conference for State Periodontal Societies sponsored by the AAP this past July. The mission of the meeting was to gather grass root feedback and inform state leaders of issues directly affecting periodontists and their daily practice. Discussion focused on scope of practice issues and improving communication between the Academy and state societies. Although the dust has settled over challenges brought forward by the Kentucky Society of Oral Maxillosurgery, it is clear that periodontists must be proactive in state and district dental organizations through active participation and acceptance of leadership roles. The scope of practice is determined by ADA guidelines printed in the Accreditation Standards for Advanced Specialty Education in Periodontics. Academy has revised and expanded definitions for the scope of practice to include all of the issues that were questioned by the oral surgeons. Limiting intravenous sedation in Texas and laser therapy cure-alls in California was also addressed. Ron Peterson, private practicing periodontist from Phoenix and former member of the Arizona Board of Dental Examiners, presented a detailed report on strategies for rising or responding to issues related to practice issues that affect periodontics. Dr. Peterson’s message was clear: build relationships, get involved, and contribute time and resources to campaigns of decision-makers.


The AAP wishes to formalize and strengthen relationships with state societies. One method is to have Academy Trustees participate in state meetings, as John Kobbs will be doing at our business meeting May 6, 2001. In addition, there will be efforts to streamline district structure and directly involve states in district meetings. One gets the sense that we as individual periodontists should circle the wagons and take care of business before we are taken.


How many of you are involved in the other leadership positions of organized dentistry, other than periodontology? I would like to report this to to Dr. Kobs. Please let me know by email [] or phone 319-335-7231.


Tid Bits:


·       Iowa Board of Dental Examiners is amending Chapter 29: Deep Sedation/General Anesthesia, Conscious Sedation and Nitrous Oxide

·       This is the 30th year of the Iowa Society of Periodontology

·       Pam Throw at the AAP hotline 800/282-4867 can answer coding or benefit claim questions. Ms. Throw presents programs on insurance. Do we want her to present to our society? Call the above number (ext 241) or email

·       Georgia Johnson is president-elect of the Midwest Society of Periodontology