ISP Spring Business Meeting Highlights

May 5, 2002; 4090 Westown Pkwy; WDM, IA

Members Present: Drs. Georgia Johnson, Deena Kuempel, Truman Johnson, Gary Amerman, Guy Bilek, Mark Bell, Kent Gragg, John Morgan, Glenn Maze

  1. AAP State Leadership conference report (details click Legislative/Legal/Insurance)
  • Periodontists need to get involved with organized dentistry in leadership roles and committee involvement better known as.EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY! Deena was recently appointed to the State Board of Dental Examiners. Congratulations
  • Enhance communication horizontally and vertically
  • Volunteer! Get involved!
  • Vice President Truman Johnson will be supported by the ISP to attend 2002 meeting with President Kuempel

2. Executive Secretary position remains unfilled ($1000/year).

  • For the 24th Annual Midlands Periodontal Conference(MPC), the Executive Secretary salary will be divided between Drs. Kuempel and Bilek since they will be contributing the majority of the energy to make the MPC a success
  • Anyone know of anyone that would like to serve as ISP executive secretary???

3. 24th MPC; John Rapley (details click Programs )

4. Retired members honored: Drs. Hawkins, Rubright, Grisby, Nash, Kim, Webster

5. New technologies for periodontal therapy. Members discussed Laser treatment for pocket sterilization and topical prostaglandin therapy. The ISP reserves official comments until controlled clinical trials have been published.

6. Guy Bilek will serve as Treasurer. Glenn Maze volunteered to serve as Secretary for the next 2 year term. George Robeson was nominated for upcoming Vice-President. Deena Kuempel will preside one six more months as president. Truman Johnson Vice President will assume the Presidency in January 2003.

2002 Fall Funfest: August 25, 2002:

The Iowa Society of Periodontology members and guests are invited to participate in golfing, antique-ing, village browsing and/or dining at the Amana Colonies. NOTE THIS IS NOT LABOR DAY WEEKEND! Look for a mailing in June. The organized activity is on the links. Golfers meet at the course.



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