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Project Affiliates

The Iowa Project on Place Studies is not a membership organization.  Project Affiliates are those interested in place studies who desire to establish an official, though informal, relationship with IPOPS.  One of the main purposes of IPOPS is to foster connections between those engaged in place studies.  Project Affiliates listed here are open to being contacted for possible collaboration.

Steering Group

Thomas K. Dean, IPOPS Founder and Director, Special Assistant to the President, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Literature, Science, and the Arts.  Contact:  Office of the President, 101 Jessup Hall, 335-1995, thomas-k-dean@uiowa.eduInterests:  Place studies, Midwestern regionalism, Midwestern and Iowa literature, nature and environment, civic engagement.

Lyell Henry, Emeritus Professor of Political Science, Mt. Mercy College.

Benjamin Hunnicutt, Professor of Leisure Studies and Interdisciplinary Studies.

David McCartney, University Archivist.

James Throgmorton, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning.

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