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The Place Studies discussion list promotes conversation and information-sharing amongst and between those interested in teaching, learning, cultural programming, and research, scholarly, and creative activities around the idea of “place.”  We take a broad view of “place” and are interested in exploring ways in which the natural, built, social, and cultural worlds (or “environments”) interact and interrelate to create “place.”  To that end, we hope to bring together through this list not only individuals seeking a discussion community, but also organizations throughout the country (and across the world) that are dedicated to place, in large ways or small, and that wish to provide mutual support and shared information.  These could be scholarly, educational, nonprofit, or cultural organizations focused on such areas as regional studies, environmental studies or activism, or place-based education, and they could be at any educational level or emphasis—K-12, college or university, community education, etc.


The Place Studies discussion list was founded by the Iowa Project on Place Studies at The University of Iowa, Midland Roots Regional Culture Initiative in Iowa City IA, The Standing By Words Center in North Liberty IA, and the Monadnock Institute of Nature, Place and Culture at Franklin Pierce College in Rindge NH.


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